Netflix Chinese shows for kids

25+ Netflix Chinese Shows for Kids

Netflix Chinese shows are now available in many countries all around the world. You can watch these in the comfort of your home or download them onto a tablet for a long road trip or flight.

Creating a language rich environment is a great way to help kids pick up a second language. Encouraging kids to watch shows mainly in Chinese is a great way to supplement and add to the language learning environment.

Although not recommended as the main source of language learning, it can be a great tool when used in moderation.

Netflix is a is a wonderful tool to do just that, especially for parents who are not comfortable reading Chinese.

There are website and apps out there allowing you to watch even more Chinese shows for kids but the entire site is in Chinese.

Chinese Netflix shows for kids toddlers children teens tweens

Another concern I have with these sites is the content in children’s shows that are accepted in Asia. Their standards tend to be different from American or Western ones.

Although there are many American shows for kids in Chinese on those sites, there are also shows produced in Asia on there as well. Oftentimes, in these shows, kids will call each other names and be disrespectful to authority figures. The shows oftentimes will also include ghosts and demons as well.

So if you’re not comfortable with such content, I would highly recommend Netflix instead.

Another concern I have is the amount of phone scams that comes from China. As someone who was nearly the victim of a phone scam (crazy and hilarious story maybe I’ll share some day), I’m more weary of giving out my credit card information to a business based in China.

These are the main reasons why I haven’t really ventured into other Asian sites or apps to try and access Chinese shows for kids. That and the fact that my husband and I already enjoy shows on Netflix ourselves, it was a no brainer for us to use this as the main way of watching Chinese children’s shows.

How to Change Your Netflix Language Setting to Chinese

  1. Sign into your Netflix account via their website. Doing this on your phone or tablet won’t display the language option.
  2. Go into Manage Profiles
  3. Select the user profile you would like to change the language for. I only did this for my daughter’s account.
  4. Select Chinese in the language options.
  5. Sign out then back in to save your new language settings.

Mama Baby Mandarin has a great visual instruction for this.

How to Find Shows with Chinese Audio on Netflix

  1. Click on an adult’s profile icon, then go into “Account” (you can only do this in an adult account)
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page til you see “Audio & Subtitles” this will take you to the “Audio & Subtitles” Page.
  3. Then open the “Subtitles” drop down menu and select “Audio.” Then in the next menu, select “Mandarin”

Mama Baby Mandarin has a great visual instruction for this as well.

Chinese Shows for Kids on Netflix

The shows I’ve included below are ones I’ve screened through Common Sense Media’s site. This wonderful website allows parents to rate TV shows based on their educational value, positive message and role models. It also indicates whether a shows includes contents parents should be aware of (violence, sex, language, consumerism etc).

Of course, screening shows yourself is still the best way to ensure your kids are watching shows that agree with your family’s value systems.

The shows that have been selected as family friendly via Common Sense Media have an astrix* next to its name.

Chinese Shows for Toddlers (1-3 Year Olds)

Luna Petunia/露娜的奇妙冒險*

Age: 3+

Animal Mechanicals/變形小金剛

Age: 3+


Age: 3+

Super Wings/超级飞侠大百科*

Age: 3+

Word Party/文字派對*

This was my daughter’s favorite when she was a bit younger. The characters speak slower which makes it easier for kids to learn phrases in Chinese. The show also teaches good manners through catchy songs. It’s also a much shorter show.

Age: 3+


Age: 3+

Treehouse Detectives/樹屋偵探*

Age: 3+

YooHoo to the Rescue/悠猴衝鋒救援

Age: 3+

Charlie’s Colorforms City/查理的彩拼城

Age: 3+

Be Be Bears

Age: 3+

Puffin Rock/歡樂海鷹島*

Age: 3+

Chinese Shows for Preschoolers (4-5 yrs.)

Llama Llama/小羊駝拉瑪*


True and the Rainbow Kingdom/小真與彩虹王國*

Age: 4+

Beat Bugs/搖滾蟲蟲*

Age: 4+

PJ Mask/睡衣小英雄

Age: 4+

YooHoo & Friends/尤哈與他的好朋友

Age: 4+

Motown Magic/摩城的音樂魔法

Age: 4+

Super Monsters/超能小萌怪*


Julie’s Greenroom/茱莉的小舞台*

Adorable show with the famous Julie Andrews with puppets teaching preschoolers about performing arts.


My Little Pony/彩虹小馬

Age: 5+

Chinese Shows for Gradeschoolers (6-12 yrs.)

We’re Lalaloopsy/樂樂天使*

Age: 6+

Magic School Bus/魔法校車*

Age: 6+

Carmen SanDiego

Age: 7+


Age: 7+

The Who Was Show

Age: 8+

Alexa & Katie/愛麗莎與凱莉*


Lost and Found/明星招領音樂工作室*


More Chinese Shows and Media for Kids

More Chinese Learning Resources

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