my “to read” list & recommended books for 2014

My friend Marianne got me thinking about books I want to read this year when she asked for book recommendations recently on Facebook. As my brain started to churn and rifle through the list of books I’ve been meaning to read but haven’t gotten around to yet, I started my imaginary list. Even though I’m doubtful that I’ll get through all of them, (telling myself it’s ok if I don’t in order to coax myself to starting them) I decided to publicize my list. And voila! Here it is….

Becoming Myself by: Staci Eldridge (currently reading)
I loved Captivating so when I saw one of my friends posted the photo of the cover of Stasi Eldridge’s new book on Instagram, I was immediately intrigued. I just purchased it via amazon kindle this morning (for 99 cents mind you!) and am excited to get started on it especially because this is something the Lord’s been highlighting to me this season, to embrace the me He created and adores.

True Love Dates by: Debra K. Fileta
This is another book that I discovered while scrolling through social media (thanks Cath!). Since this book has been generating good reviews and interest on the net, I thought I’d add it onto my “to read” list. Though I have yet to read it, I feel that it goes along with great advice I got from an older sister in Lord (who was already a wife and mother) when I was still single. During one of my many episodes of hopelessness and aimlessness in my single hood, Heather suggested that I prepare for marriage and not just wait around for Prince Charming to show up. One of the many ways I believe the Lord prepares us for marriage is to know and love who we are through our relationship with Him. This book’s focus and the fact that the author is a Christian counselor makes it a good book to check out.

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Mark Rutland: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was 21

Read the following article yesterday. I gleaned a lot from the wisdom Mark Rutland, the president of ORU shares here. The lessons he’s learned from life so far were good reminders to me. In a world that is many times far from God’s ways, I need testimonies from men of God like Mark to call me back to walk in the Lord’s ways especially as I enter this new year.

Mark Rutland (photo from Charisma Magazine)



One Thousand Gifts:a dare to live fully right where you are/一千次感謝:勇敢面對我現在的人生
by: Ann Voskamp 作者:安.福斯坎

如果你希望在你的生命當中更清楚看見 神對你的愛,更深的經歷 祂的喜樂和平安,這本書會很適合你。

Captivating 麻雀變鳳凰
by: John & Stacy Eldridge 作者:艾傑奇夫婦

瞭解 神創造了女人的意義和怎麼真實的活出 神創造的妳

Restoring the Christian Family 基督化家庭的恢復(上)和 (下)
by:John & Paula Sanford 作者:桑得福夫婦


Passion & Purity 郵遞真愛
by: Elisabeth Elliot 作者:伊莉莎白˙艾略特

想聽一個屬 神的愛情故事嗎?這本書就是作者伊莉莎白自己的愛情故事,她很真實的寫出來鼓勵大家。屬 神的愛情是真實,值得等待的!

Experiencing the Father’s Embrace 經歷天父的擁抱
by: Jack Frost 作者:傑克.福斯特


The Mystery of Marriage 比翼雙飛
by: Mike Mason 作者 : 梅麥克


Jesus Calling 耶穌的叮嚀
by: Sarah Young 作者: 莎拉.揚恩

雖然短,可是這簡單的靈修書帶給我許多的鼓勵,幫助我專注在 神身上,更加地在祂不變的愛裡有信心


No Better Time (Help Me Find My Own Flame)/Will Reagan

love this song. trying to post more songs that help me connect with the Lord.

I don’t want to ride on somebody else’s passion
I don’t want to find that I’m just dry bones
I want to burn with unquenchable fire
Deep down inside see it coming alive
Help me find my own flame
Help me find my own fire
I want the real thing
I want Your burning desire
Do what only You can do
In my heart tonight,
There’s no better time
There’s no better time
There’s no better time
There’s no better time