The Slip On Sneaker Trend: how to wear this comfortable shoe

Moving to Taiwan has opened my eyes to different sense of style. Their love of bright colors and sportswear has intrigued me especially people’s obsessions with sneakers. Other than California, I haven’t seen so many people into wearing sneakers before. After living here for several months, I’ve concluded that it’s mainly due to how much walking one must do in this city. Since public transportation is so convenient and much more affordable than owning a car and safer than riding a scooter, this is the choice way to get around town for most Taipei-ites. And of course with the large use of public transportation comes lots of walking.

The fact that people here are so into sportswear and just the overall comfort of it (not to mention how it’s trending now in the fashion world) has inspired me to wholeheartedly embrace and incorporate it into my closet. Recently, I bought a pair of Vans slip-ons (at an incredible bargain! YEAH! I refuse to pay full price on most clothing items) that I’m loving! So just wanted to share my love and also some of my thoughts on how to style this trend.

slip on trend

With every trend, I’m always a proponent of not breaking the bank to be fashionable (unless you’ve got the dough to afford to). A love of fashion shouldn’t require you getting into debt! That’s why I love the fact that there’s plenty of affordable versions of this trend. I personally vouch for Vans since they’ve been making this style of shoes for a lot longer so I think they know what they’re doing and their shoes are pretty durable. I don’t want to waste my moolah on cheaply made stuff.
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This Little Light of Mine: shining in the darkness

We are called to be salt and light in this dark world…and yet it’s such a challenge. It’s not popular, fun or accepted. The definitions of this world pulls and tugs at us. It tells us this is what we want, this is happiness, this is beauty, this is success, this is worth.

When our ears are hard pressed against the rhythms of this world, it’s easy to begin marching to its orders and slowly part from the path of life.

Since moving to Taiwan this has proved to be difficult and lonely at times. The standards, value systems and priorities here are so different from ones I’ve grown accustomed to. Yet I too was once living by the beat of this drummer. And though I’m still a work in progress, God flushed out a lot of the world’s “normal” during the last seven years.

Last night as I watched the short simple video above, Sadie and her friend brought tears to my eyes…….A reminder and encouragement to me from a brave sixteen year old sister in the Lord to keep shining, keep fighting and holding fast to the Word of God, abiding in the vine and BEing God’s daughter. Yes, I’m a citizen of another age. I don’t belong here on earth. I am called to be different.

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” -Romans 12:2

Keep embracing your Esther moment Sadie!

“Go and gather together all the Jews of Susa and fast for me. Do not eat or drink for three days, night or day. My maids and I will do the same. And then, though it is against the law, I will go in to see the king. If I must die, I must die.” Esther 4:16

stylin’ for a rainy day

Just some items I’ve been really liking lately and I thought would be fitting for today’s rainy day. I love black because it’s so classy, timeless and chic. It’s also easy to match which means you can use it to mix and match with other items already in your closet. When you buy something that’s affordable in black, it also appears more expensive than other colors. You don’t need to break the bank to go out in style. 🙂

loves lately

Basics of Living in Taipei

Surviving in Taipei

Before I left for Taiwan, I did a little research on the basics of what I need to live in Taiwan. Having lived in America for so long and not really experienced all the seasons in Taiwan for so long, I wanted to be prepared. Now after living here for a good four months, the above items are mostly what I bring along with me or use most often. These items are definitely a most for living in this tropical island that gets hit with so many typhoons. Even now as I write this post, we’re in the midst of a typhoon.
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Trending in Taipei

Can’t help but notice the trends here in Taipei as I walk around. Some I love and some I think I’ll stay away from for now. But who knows, maybe in a few months I’ll be the one walking around looking Taiwanese?

top from Air Space for 490 NT ($17)

flowy feminine tops

dress from Air Space: 490 NT ($17)

exposed shoulders

Creepers: punk rock is still alive and trending here

Bunny ear ribbons: they come with wires inside the ribbons to ensure the ears stay put

Always interesting to people watch and track what’s trending in a different country

ASOS: British styles, U.S. accessible

Loving British style but not wanting to travel all the way there to get some? is the place to be. Not only is this site pretty affordable (especially if you shop the sales section) but it also offers free shipping AND returns! So you can order the pieces you KNOW you want but also order some to try on that you’re not sure about then ship back what you don’t like. Cool right?!

Free shipping and returns are becoming more and more popular these days in the online shopping world. Previous skeptics of online shopping can now have more flexibility in making their final purchases. I’ll share another cool online shop that offers free shipping and return next week. 

Other things I like about

  • you can watch runway videos of most of the clothing items on sale, just click on “view runway” below each item. Sometimes seeing how a piece of clothing moves can help you in the decision process also of how it would look really on you 
  • free shipping and return
  • you can refine your search to shorten the length of your shopping time and find what you already have in mind…that is if you have something in mind already

Some pieces currently on sale that’s caught my eye (feel free to buy them for me):

above image: so swank and French. Except I have no where to wear it to…hm…

above image: split maxi. looks so summer ready and comfy

above image: heeled boot 

image above: ikat sweater

I’ve only ordered one item from their site. But the process was pretty easy and ASOS shipped the item within the time frame they said it would arrive. Enjoy! 

You make the clothes look good, not the other way around. : ) Remember that you’re beautiful!