5 Tips for Clear Writing and Talking (from C.S. Lewis)

5 Tips for Clear Writing and Talking (from C.S. Lewis)

Releasing the light of God through prayer upon California (Taken with Instagram at International House of Prayer)

trail of tears

Where do our tears lead us? If we follow each and every one of them? If we retraced their steps?

If we give them over to Christ, allow Him to come into our weakest and most painful moments, these tears will eventually lead us to our destiny.

One of my friends once told me that our greatest pains indicate the prophetic calling upon our lives. There have been moments and seasons past where I was so pained as to what the Lord was allowing (and perhaps orchestrating) in my life that I began to believe bitterly that He wants to wretch every dream, every single thing that was precious and desirable out of my hands. But now looking back I see that He was not taking the dreams and desires away from me, rather He was reworking the motivations I had in pursuing those dreams.  

In one sense these dreams remain the same, yet different. The Lord has been teaching me to give my dream to Him. In my eyes, this is what it looks like:

In the beginning the dream is a piece of rock I won’t let go of. Then, slowly, He patiently coax me into lifting each fearful finger off its rough surface. Eventually He holds and lulls me with His love, persuading me to put the rock into His hands.  I cry as He cuts the piece of rock. Break it off bit by bit. I yell, I scream, I try to get Him to stop. I pound my fists against the ground and throw a tantrum demanding that He stop and give back to me what’s mine.  But all that only leads to me exhausting myself. In the end, when I gave up all hope of seeing my precious rock again, He hands it back to me. It is hardly recognizable. The rock is no longer rough and grainy. God has lovingly given it form and character.  It is even now dressed with color. As He gently places it back into my hands, He teaches me how to hold it before Him, so the light of His countenance hits its every side and shouts loud rainbows into every pale corner of me.  

If we are willing, God’s finger prints can be all over our lives. But it’s not easy. If we want Him to leave us alone, sometimes He will….sometimes He won’t. I hope He doesn’t leave you alone. 

Oh how good You are Abba, how perfectly You lead. I love You.

Chinese signs up all over IHOP-kc for it’s first Chinese conference (Taken with Instagram at International House of Prayer)

Boldly confess the truth, God sees the sincerity of my heart (Taken with Instagram at Grandview Plaza (IHOPU))

Wes Martin teaching our Forerunner Curriculum class today (Taken with Instagram at Grandview Plaza (IHOPU))