crib progress: let there be light…and a tub

My internet has been acting up so I wasn’t able to update yesterday : P sadness…I know all of you out there, my blog fans were greatly disappointed. Well, dry your tears and have no fear because here is my update on yesterday’s progress.. mwhahahaha

Dustin’s good friend and landlord, JD came by yesterday and installed some lights I picked out. Lighting makes such a difference in a place. Just think back to those school days when we had to sit under a florescent light for long hours….not very inspiring….I’m a big fan of yellow lights. At first when those energy saving light bulbs came out I dispised them. But now, thankfully they came out with yellow ones!

Below are the lights JD installed in the kitchen area so far. 

photo of the lovely and single JD installing our lights. He’s a great electrician if anyone is looking for one around the KC area. : ) 

I also painted the half bath downstairs in Dustin’s favorite color, soft pink…mwhaahha. 

Rico came by yesterday also and installed the new tub. He put the carboard box over it to protect it while they continue to work on it.  He told me twice that I can stand on top of the edges if I need to do work up there, but not to let Dustin stand on it. Haha he’s funny. 

This week they’ll be prepping the place for tiling…putting the hardibacks (cement dry wall) on areas they will be tiling…exciting exciting!!! 

the gift, God’s grace

Dustin’s been reading “Final Quest” by Rick Joyner this past week, a book about Rick’s encounter with the Lord. Every time he shares something from the book that touched his heart, the Holy Spirit began to awaken something in me. 

The main thing that touched my heart the most is how the Lord showed Rick how man cannot do anything. There is no good in man apart from God. Yet Rick himself and many others he came across during the encounter, believers who have passed onto the other side, tried so much during their time on earth to love and serve God without God’s help, which is as good as filthy rags before the Lord 

I cannot help myself from feeling a deep sadness as Dustin shared with me these excerpts that touched him. When looking at how I want to love the Lord compared to where I currently am and seemingly always stuck in, I feel like giving up. I want to get out of this rut of always falling short of giving God my best….but I don’t know how. I’ve read the Bible, I’ve prayed, I’ve listened to sermons, I’ve had others pray for me…one thing I failed to do continuously is to simply come to the Lord and ask Him to help me love Him. 

It’s a challenge, I have to admit, to ask God for help. Then to let Him help me. I’m a really independent woman. I’ve been taught since I was young to be self-sufficient. That things are done best when you do it yourself. I mean, you’re looking at a girl who took an international flight by herself at the age of twelve! But this is the main area God’s been putting His finger on this summer….well ok, maybe my whole entire walk with Him, to ask Him for help and to let Him help me. 

So last night, before I went to sleep, I asked the Lord to help me…help me love Him. This morning I had a vivid and profound dream. At first I didn’t realize what had happened, but after washing up for the day, I suddenly remembered the dream. 

In the dream I saw my sister Grace right in front of me. She was so real, I saw her smile, her cheeks that always gathered when she smiled. I asked her what she was doing here, half knowing she’s not on this earth anymore, but also half knowing that she is very much alive and with the Lord right now. She didn’t say anything, but handed me something, something that’s hers. Though I forgot what exactly she gave me, I remembered that it blessed me and brought joy to my heart in the dream. 

As I journaled and prayed about the dream, asking the Lord what it was about, He opened my eyes to see that He had answered my prayer the previous night through the dream. Through the dream, He gave me the “grace” to love Him. 

The most difficult thing about following Christ, is that it is by grace we are saved, not by our own works. It’s so simple that we don’t do it. It’s so against our nature that we despise it. Oh God, help us receive Your grace and ask You to help us in all things. We need You more than we know.

crib progress: plumbing, lights and a pickup truck

Things have been slowing down on my end of the work on the house with regards to purchasing material. For the past three evenings, Dustin and I have been spending at least two hours picking out and loading then unloading items from Lowe’s to the house. Our muscles are now becoming well toned by all the heavy lifting. 

Dustin’s house mate, Alan has been gracious enough to let us use his truck…..or is he trying to play a joke on us…you decide. The truck accelerates pretty slow. We’ve had a couple people pass us at a speed that says, “drive faster!” several times already.  But somehow this beat up truck never ceases to make an evening fun. : ) 

Alan even spray painted a little message in the back to make those driving behind us enjoy our little adventure even more. He was tempted to spray paint something else….but he restrained himself. 

This is the load we picked up last night and hauled into the house by ourselves…one bathtub, a vanity, and six new doors…plus a bunch of new light fixtures. 

I thought it would be fun to show you all what the backyard looks like right now…hehe

Rico started working on installing new plumbing in the bathrooms, raising the shower head so it’s high enough for someone like Dustin. JD, Dustin’s landlord and good friend came and started working on installing new light fixtures in the bathrooms today. He’s going to be working on that for the next few days while Rico starts on putting in the tub. 

Rico shared a testimony on how the Lord impacted him through his recent heart surgery. It touched me so much I was tearing up and really felt the Lord speak to me through his story. I’ll have to share that with you guys tomorrow….good night! 

The devil is real

I woke up from a profound dream yesterday morning. I dreamt that I was in a genocide and the one trying to kill me and those like me, believers of Christ, was the enemy, Satan. I felt that the Lord gave me the dream to reveal to me the truth that the enemy is very real and he wants to take me out, he wants to kill me. If he can’t kill me, he wants to steal from me and to destroy me.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10 

Sometimes it’s easy to think that Christianity is something cute you do on Sundays, but the reality is whether we choose to believe or not, we are in a war. We are currently on the battleground. Forces of good and evil are fighting each other all the time. Who we choose to believe in is which side we’ve enlisted ourselves to fight for. It’s not a coincidence that we encounter difficulty in life. There’s a God who wants to lead us to life, and there’s the Devil who wants to kill us. But we know how this story ends already, good triumphs over evil.

Oh Lord, teach us to look to You and to lift up our arms to fight.

crib progress: framing day 2

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity…today was no different. I’m really tired right now…but still want to blog some updates cause it’s fun 🙂 

So I wasn’t around the house that much today. More running around between Home Depot, Worldwide Liquidators and Lowe’s for supplies. I was mainly stocking up for the tiling project that’s coming up. I’m having the contractor put in Spanish style tiles in the kitchen and dinning room. For the bathrooms, I got some hexagon little French looking tiles that I’m super excited about! 

And for the photo updates…I didn’t include pictures of the master/upstairs bathroom so here are two images of its current barren state. 

today…Rico…one of the four working on the house was captured while framing the laundry room shirtless. Can you believe that he’s 70? He thinks he’s still 20 though. A little about the lovely contractor we’re working with, they are three generation of men working together, the Pieraldis. They’re great people. If you’re looking for a contractor, contact Frank Pieraldi. He has great integrity, he’s honest and trustworthy.  

I’m hoping to turn the basement into a craft/art/music studio space that can also serve as a guest room if we have more guests than the upstair’s guest room can handle. Right now, it’s just holding the kitchen cabinets that will go into the laundry room once it’s finished. 

sigh* the end of another busy and productive day 🙂 The Lord’s been speaking to me a lot about having a home. There’s something in every human being that desires a resting place, a place to call home.  This promise comforts this longing in man’s heart, “In My Father’s house are many mansions;if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you” (John 14:2) 

He is mindful of us, He care about us and there is a house He has prepared for us to dwell and rest. Thank You Jesus. 

crib progress: demolition day 1

today was the first day of demolition. forgot to tell the neighbors….: P oops. wrote them notes and thanked them for their patience. hope they’re not too mad. 

here’s the progress from today’s eventful and productive day…

both of the bathrooms were gutted…

closet was demolished

ugly 70’s kitchen cabinets were torn down and backsplash was removed 🙂 yeah! The cabinets will be recycled and reused in the laundry room. I’m also recycling two doors. One will turn into a folding table in the laundry room in the basement and another, I’m planning to transform into a desk. 


better picture of what the kitchen looked like before today

here are photos of the master bedroom I promised. 

Though at first I was frustrated by the limitations I had with purchasing the house with the limited amount I had, I’m really starting to appreciate the limitations more and more. It was so fun tonight to spend the day with Dustin (my man friend) trying to maneuver our way through the uncharted territories at Lowe’s and find the items our contractor instructed us to purchase. Though at times frustrating (trying to find penny nails and wax rings for toilets) it was rewarding to “build” our house together. As we unloaded the treasures we purchased tonight at Lowe’s (48 2x4x8 and seemingly endless hardi-backers) one by one carrying them into the house, we found ourselves smiling through the sweats and muscles that would surely be aching tomorrow.  Thank You Jesus, for this present! Thank You for Your provision. Your ways are higher and much much better. 

my crib

I’m documenting the transformation of my new crib : )….with designsponge and Domino as my two inspirations along with conversations with Dustin and God. All I have to say is, don’t judge a book by its cover. When I first looked at this townhouse…it was an instant “no!” for me. But after praying and thinking about its potential and some coaxing of the Holy Spirit, I’m falling more in love with the place and with the idea of “nesting” in this place. 

I don’t have the greatest digital camera, so please bear with the quality and the angles of the camera…I tried my best, I did. My slr’s angle isn’t wide enough to capture everything. 

the super 70s kitchen

dinning room with sliding glass doors out to the patio which leads into the two car garage

the super stylish half bath downstairs….just look at the beautiful decorations hahah

the front entrance

a really bad picture of the family room

guest room/office on the second floor

super gross full bath upstairs. Apparantly I forgot to take pictures of the master bedroom…sadness. I’ll try to take some later today. 

Paint really does transform a place. Last Saturday, my roommates came and helped me paint the family room. It’s already starting to look livable and warm! I chose Martha Stewart’s cornbread for the family room with an eggshell finish. (Eggshell is the recommended finish for walls. I’m learning so much about interior design!)  

For the upstairs guest room/office, I chose seafoam green as an accent wall (Behr’s Reef Green in eggshell) and painted the other three walls with a basic white. I’m considering doing the chevron pattern on one wall….

stay tuned for more updates. The contractor’s starting work on Monday, tearing out the bathrooms and the yucky cabinets that obstructing the view. I’ll document how this caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly…is that even possible in Grandview, Missouri…why, yes it is! Just you wait and see!

My Hero

Last night at service, God began to reawaken and realign my heart to His vision for my life. Oftentimes it’s much easier to be consumed by the immediate present rather than fix my eyes on my eternal destiny. But the truth is, what I see right now is only a tiny glimpse of the greater picture, a plan that eyes have not seen and ears have not heard.

Mike shared these simple but powerful goals to fix our life upon last night: 

1. Love God with all our heart and to live in 100-fold obedience to Jesus (Mt. 22:37)

2. Desire to operate in God’s power to bring His love to others and to impact society. (Mt. 10:8, Mt. 28:19)

3. Desire to walk in meekness as the way to be great in God’s sight (Mt. 18:4, 20:26) 

4. Desire to cultivate deep understanding of God’s heart, Word and ways. (Eph. 1:17) 

Mike also shared that when he was a young believer, he read many biographies of believers who inspired him, individuals who walked with unusual devotion and obedience to the Lord. His hero was Hudson Taylor. 

Mike’s message got my mind churning about who I want to be like in the future. I have to confess that I’ve always wanted to be (but always thought that I could never be like) Elizabeth Elliot.  But just as Mike shared that it is a miracle and a sign of the Lord working in his life that he has become who he is today, I’m going to believe that the Lord is all powerful and can transform my life also. 

Who is your hero?

Sanctification means the impartation of the holy qualities of Jesus Christ to me. It is the gift of His patience, love, holiness, faith, purity, and godliness that is exhibited in and through every sanctified soul. Sanctification is not drawing from Jesus the power to be holy— it is drawing from Jesus the very holiness that was exhibited in Him, and that He now exhibits in me. Sanctification is an impartation, not an imitation. Imitation is something altogether different. The perfection of everything is in Jesus Christ, and the mystery of sanctification is that all the perfect qualities of Jesus are at my disposal. Consequently, I slowly but surely begin to live a life of inexpressible order, soundness, and holiness—

My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

How do you feel?

God wants to know how you’re doing, how you’re feeling and not just answers. I’ve observed that so many times I only come to the Lord after I’ve figured things out. Though many times we do use the phrase, “God is teaching me a lesson” God is not testing us the way we’re tested in the public school system. He doesn’t need answers from us rather He desires that we come to Him just as we are: broken, messy, ill kept at times.

The Lord has been showing me patiently that when I actually tell Him how I feel about something, it’s easier for Him to speak truth into that situation and comfort me where I’m at. Rather than “try” to be and say what I THINK He wants me to, the Holy Spirit has been strengthening me to just simply come as I am.

God has all the answers, He doesn’t need us to give Him answers. He’s asking and desiring for living hearts, not religious sacrifices.O Abba, help us come as we are into Your presence.