crib progress: new windows, flooring and ready to move in!

didn’t get to take nice pictures of the place that will do it justice today : ( was caught up in typing up all the loose ends that I forgot. But here is a brief update before I get to take better photos:

New windows went in yesterday. I used Sunshine Windows, you know, the company with the yellow signs everywhere. The prices were great but gotta watch their work. They didn’t really do a good job with the caulking and one of the windows they installed didn’t work quite right. Daisy, my contractor’s wife told me to call and tell them “I’d hate to call my credit card company and ask them to stop the payment….” and it worked. They came right back today and fixed everything : ) yeah! 

The carpets went in on the second floor!!! I went with Moore Carpet. Steve, the owner of the place is super nice! I got a good deal on leftover carpets. If you’re trying to save money, ask them for these. Not only will you save money, but you’ll get better quality carpets. Also, I prefer shorter carpet over longer. They’re lower maintenance and trap less dirt than the longer more popular kind. I chose a light blue almost grey-ish patterned carpet for the guest room…

and a darker mustard/brown-ish patterned carpet for the master

and a beige one for the hallway and stairs

Rico and Daisy put some finishing touches on the bathroom

forgot to take a picture of the finished vanity! ahh! Though I know Rico will be around still…I’m gonna miss him. He’s a wonderful blessing, cracked me up everyday with his stories and also teared me up with his stories of how awesome God is. 

moving in tomorrow. Can’t even begin to describe how relieved and excited I am : ) Praise You and thank You Jesus for leading me through this whole process. Have more testimonies about this journey, but will have to save them for another day. MOVE IN DAY TOMORROW!!!

crib progress: pot rack, range hood and tub tiles

so tired…so just brief descriptions today. 

Rico, the fabulous not only installed the new range hood today but also my new pot rack. The range hood is Sakura brand, made especially to combat the grease and smell from Chinese cooking. Rico joked that it looks like it has two jet engines. It’s pretty powerful. I love cooking so I made the purchase. With renovations, you have to really think about what’s really important to you. Everything may seem important…but not actually what matters most to you. I love cooking and baking so I (and Dustin convinced me) to invest into this area.  

(the long chains will be taken off…haha Rico said I can hang things from those chains…and I’m like…um…no. They’re coming off. They’re for extra length for high ceilings but our ceiling is pretty low) 

Joel finished the tiles around the bathtub in the master bath

While Michele and I worked on putting the second coat of turquoise on the stairwell

put a coat of chalkboard paint on the kitchen closet door

and finished the last panels in the master bedroom

What I enjoy most, and this kinda happened without intentional planning, are the juxtoposition of colors when you peek from one room/space into the other. I catch glimpses of turquoise through the master’s mustard walls. I see slivers of cornbread yellow walls through the light tan walls of the dinning room. I just love little secret color combinations like that : ) 

God strengthen me in my inner man for this last week of painting…let me not collapse, cause I feel like I will….I forgot to take a picture of myself passed out on the floor cause that’s how i feel…haha

crib progress: range hood and mustard master

I just saw Nefarious tonight for the first time. I’ve been waiting to see it ever since I saw the trailers three years ago. The film built up my faith and reminded me of the truth that Jesus truly is the ONLY answer for evil and sin in this world. He alone can stop injustice. “For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever” (Matthew 6:13).

This may seem funny, but the Lord spoke to me about the importance of persevering in the faith through the film. Many times, similar to me working on this house, the work seems never ending with no results to boast of. After I paint a trim, another spot on the wall needs to be speckled. After I speckle, I need to sand it. Then I need to wait for it to dry in order to prime it. On and on it goes. I must work hard but enjoy it. I must enjoy it but endure it. I must endure it but also allow the Lord to help me and give me vision in the process. So many oxymorons seems to be twisted into our walk with the Lord…more than my little brain can handle. But oh! The simplicity of believing in Christ! It’s summed up perfectly by this quote I recently read,

‎”We’ve led them to believe that God is most interested in people becoming good instead of people coming to terms with how bad they really are so that they’ll fix their eyes on Christ “the author and finisher of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2).” Tullian Tchividjian 

Abba, continue to help us fix our eyes upon You and not upon ourselves, particularly upon the failures we so often love to stare.

So, continuing to persevere…here’s some new additions to the house….(that I’ll hopefully move into this Saturday, Lord willing)

Rico started to build a frame to hook the range hood up to since it’s so massive. We were going to reattach the original cabinets and hook the range hood up to it. But after taking look at the weight of the new range hood I purchased, the old particle board cabinets won’t be able to withstand it. He still needs to finish it so I can prime and paint it. 

I finished one wall in the master…needed to take a break from the house this weekend. 

How to recycle old baseboards:

  1. first clean them with a wet cloth and let it dry or wipe it with a dry cloth 
  2. sand them. My contractors let me use their electric sander which makes it so much easier. Just go over it lightly. Run it up and down the baseboards for a minute or two. 
  3. Wipe off the dust from sanding with a sponge or a damp cloth 
  4. Use a putty knife to insert wood filler into the holes left by the nails, then let it dry for at least an hour. 
  5. Sand those spots with a fine sander to remove the access wood fillers and create a smooth and even finish. Wipe off the dust from the sanding with a slightly damp cloth
  6. Then use a small roller to apply the primer. Wait for at least an hour before priming it again.
  7. Then paint the baseboards with the same size roller. Wait at least an hour, if not more before applying the second coat. 

And that’s how you can reuse the old baseboards from your house and save at least $100 per room! Hope that helps. 

crib progress: turquoise and mustard yellow = :) happy sunny

we’re nearing the finish line…my muscles ache, i’m tired from all the work…but excited to see the finished product! hopefully I’ll be able to move in next Saturday but we shall see…

what Rico and Joel accomplished these past few days:

Joel’s almost done with the tiles around the bathtub! looks great! 

Rico moved the shelves from outside of the laundry room (where they were originally) to inside it : ) he also put in a sink in there and started hooking up the gas lines so I can cook with gas! yeah!!! I love cooking with gas! He’s also been working hard with Frank to put in a vent for the awesome Japanese range hood I got. It’s been difficult, trying to find some space in the ceiling but they’re almost there! 

I finished putting the first coat of turquoise on the stairwell. I was so excited and a little bit scared to use Frank’s ladder that has adjustable legs.  You can place one size higher than the other. Here’s the ladder on the staircase. 

here am I working hard…

After the first coat…

My friend Marienne came over yesterday to help paint the ceiling of the kitchen! Thanks so much Marienne. I’m so thankful for all my friends pitching in. I can’t do this without you guys. 

Dustin also came over to paint the last patch along the stairwell that I couldn’t reach. Thankful God brought a giant to be my best friend and soon to be husband : ) hehehe

I started doing a faux finish on the master bedroom walls in mustard yellow, my other favorite color! hehehe. It has a linen effect. I did this in the first bedroom I rented when I moved to IHOP-KC and LOVED it. It reminds me of a French cafe : ) hehe. It’s done in a linen effect. I first had a difficult time finding the right brush but thankfully Daisy, Frank’s wife who also does a lot of painting lent me her brushes. 

I’m so excited to finish the rest of the walls! YEEEEAH!

I took some shots to do tutorials on faux finishes and how to recycle old baseboards…but I think this is enough for one day. 

Thank You Jesus, for helping me every step of the way. 

crib progress: one bathroom done, some more to go

Today when I went over to work on the house, I went with a much more joyful heart. This morning God reminded me that when I get away from the truth that I am just a dumb sheep, a little child who can’t do anything, that’s when I get in trouble. Haha…funny how simple the things of God are. 

Rico finished installing the vanity in the downstairs bathroom today! Such an exciting event. We no longer have to go else where to use the bathroom….except there’s a piece that’s broken in the toilet so I have to get that tomorrow. 

Rico also installed the blue door that goes with the bathroom : ) 

Joel started putting up the white tiles around the bathtub in the upstairs/master bath

My friends Adam, Michele and their baby Olive came and helped me finish painting the kitchen and dinning area : ) Thanks my Georgian neighbors! It’s been too long since I’ve taken up my camera, sorry friends…for the awkward pictures of you guys…

Here’s the finished dinning room walls. I used a mistint I found at Sherwin Williams that’s in similar shades to the lighter patterns on the tiles I chose. 

Dustin and I also went later tonight to finish the upstairs hallway. Exciting to see how the house is unfolding and coming together : ) I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel haha…

While painting today, I remembered a dream I had a few months back. In the dream, I was in Taiwan walking towards my mom’s apartment. The steps leading up towards the apartment were broken down and the skeleton of a new wooden stairwell replaced the old stone steps. It was still under construction so difficult to maneuver in order to get to the apartment. Somehow I found that where I needed to be was closer than I had anticipated. I wanted through the front doors but noticed my mom talking to two strangers in the living room. I immediately went into my room and closed two sets of floor to ceiling doors which led into the living room. Prior to me closing these large doors, my room looked like a vintage, slightly run down Taiwanese bedroom. But right when I closed these two doors, the room transformed into a brand new room with beautiful solid wood lining the ceiling and walls. The Lord also brought another prophetic word I had received a few years ago to mind, “the house you lost, the Lord will give you a bigger house.” 

Though I don’t exactly understand the exact meaning behind these words the Lord highlighted to me, I believe that He has been setting a solid foundation in me and now establishing His dwelling place, His temple in my life. One that is made, not with human hands, but by His hands alone. I believe that He is giving me this house as a symbol of His delight in where my heart is at now, a house for Him. : ) Thank You Abba. 

crib progress: building the house with the Lord

Working on the house this week was super stressful and frustrating. I kept on asking the Lord what was going on…but that just made me even more frustrated. But yesterday I heard Him speak to me and clear the cloud of confusion that had started to gather around me. He asked me gently, “let me do this with you.” 

I’ve allowed this world, its time contraints, materials, relationships get in between my relationship with God. God commands us (and therefore gives us the grace) to love Him first. In preparing the house, He has been meeting me, Fathering me every step, providing the best contractor and electrician, plus many others to help me. But this week I lost sight of all of that, the things that matters the most, my relationship with God. I allowed myself to be caught up in finishing everything. 

There’s always something to be finished in life. There will always be something pressing. But will I allow the Lord to help me make Him first in my life or get pulled here and there by outside forces? 

My roommate Lauren shared with me this morning, most times anger is an indication of a lack of boundary in an area. She’s been reading up on healthy relationships and I totally agree with her. I didn’t put boundaries and have my priorities straight this week. Instead of taking care of my relationship with God and myself, I got caught into the storm of frustration and anxiety. 

Friday morning as I was driving to the prayer room as usual, I felt the Lord invite me to have coffee with Him like how I used to on Saturday mornings. I was struggling with whether or not I heard from the Lord or was it my own flesh speaking those words from a place of laziness? But when I arrived at the prayer room, I shared this thought with Dustin (who has witnessed the effects of the storm and bore the brunt of my frustrations this week) said that he just had the same thought and felt that it would be good for me to just get away from the house for awhile. So then, I drove off to Natasha’s Mulberry and Mott and enjoyed a cup of coffee with a delicious pain au chocolate as I studied Zechariah and journaled : )  

Today as I painted, the Lord came back into the picture :). Instead of trying to figure out everything on my own, I stopped and asked the Lord for help and for wisdom and He responded immediately with ideas to help me complete the task at hand. Oh what a wonderful God we serve, a Father who loves to help His children. 

Here is the update from this weekend’s project: Master Bath Vanity 


I took Dustin’s old desk which came with the house JD, his landlord bought. It’s an antique solid oak desk. Inspired by a vanity I found on pinterest, I set off to discover how to complete this project. 

After talking over how to go about completing the project with Daisy (my contractor’s wife) and Bob Falkner (a local professional painter and spiritual father) here’s what I did.

  1. steal desk from Dustin and get him a new one
  2. wiped down the desk
  3. sanded it to rough it up enough so it’ll absorb the primer and polyurethane 
  4. painted the top with a coat of polyurethane in satin finish (I didn’t want it super shiny, but just slightly). Then let it dry for an hour before applying another coat. Then I let it dry in the garage for 2-3 days so the plastic coating would set completely
  5. paint the legs in turquoise
  6. have Dustin coat the legs in a coat of polyurethane. contemplating applying another coat tomorrow…then let it dry for 24 hours as least. 
  7. have the contractors do the hard part of drilling a hole for the sink. I bought a sink that can sit on top of the desk at, it was pretty reasonably priced. 

I can’t wait to show you guys the finished product!!

We finished painting both bathrooms today (except for the trim around the door of the upstairs bathroom). I decided to paint the upstairs bath white instead of the original thyme shade I had mixed from the mis-tints. I didn’t mix enough so when the contractors patched up some walls after I had painted it, I didn’t have any more paint to cover it up with : P Note for next time, mix at least a gallon if I want to do that. I’m happier with the white since it makes smaller spaces seem much larger. : ) Here’s Dustin hard at work hehehe. So cute. 

I’m excited for Rico to finish installing the vanity in the downstairs bath this week! They’re saying that everything’s probably going to be finished this week! AHHHHHHHHH I can’t wait! 

We also went to Home Depot (again) with Rico and Frank to buy some pipes for the vanities and also for the gas line I’m having them put in so I can have a gas stove to cook with! YEAH! Gas is so much easier to cook with especially if you’re cooking Chinese! 

Here is Rico…

here is Frank, most wonderful contractor 🙂 with a wife who doesn’t settle for anything less than perfection with the work they do!

Mikes shares at The Response, prayer gathering (solemn assembly) called by Rick Perry, the governor of Texas what it means to be a Christian and our calling to obey the first commandment. He also shares on the importance of commitment to the truth of Christ, that He alone is the truth, the way and the life.

I encourage you all to watch and repost this. Lord, call America back to You. Align us to Your heart and Your truth, help us to speak with tenderness Your Words of life. Have mercy on us.

crib progress: better photos

My friend Alisha came by yesterday and mentioned that my photos don’t do the blue doors justice, so today I decided to not be lazy and brought my SLR to capture the progress. 

Here is the famous Rico hard at work, cutting tiles. He’s such a man of God with a heart so tender for the Lord. I love it when he tells me stories about how the Lord has impacted his life in between all the hard work he’s putting into the house. 

Here is his grandson Joel. Him and Joel have been the two main ones working on the house recently. The were working on finishing up the tiles in the kitchen and dinning rooms today. 

look a the wonderful progress they made! I love these Spanish tiles. (one of the blue doors will replace the yucky brown one)

Joel also grouted the first floor half bath today

Here’s a better photo of one of the very Spanish blue doors….hope you approve Alisha. Just a tip for picking paint for doors, you need to go with a finish that has some sheen to it. I think for this one I picked a semi-gloss finish which gives it a shine and a texture that’s easy to clean up. You want to use this type of finish for doors and cabinets since these items will come into contact with dirt and oil from hands fairly often. 

I mainly primed the walls on the first and second floor that were recently dry walled…though at times it’s stressful, thinking about all the painting I need to finish,once the brush is in my hands, when I place each stroke on the wall, it seems so easy to converse with God and be in His presence 🙂 I like talking to Him and waiting on Him when I paint. 

JD also came by today and installed new lights in the kitchen. There used to be three sets of florescent lights covered by yucky plastic grills. I like this look much better…I’m still not sure of the light fixture I picked…but we’ll see what happens. 

crib progress: channeling spain

I’ve always been so inspired by the unique flavor of the Spanish style. Similar to its people, it’s full of passionate bold colors that inspire creativity. Today’s update includes lots of Spanish influenced ideas, beginning with the blue doors. While looking at color swatches, it was difficult to determine which blue is the “Spanish blue,” Dustin helped me pick out this color and i LOVE it!

Joel began laying down the Spanish tiles I found at Home Depot! I was so happy when I happened upon these! They were very reasonably priced as well. 

JD came over tonight again to finish installing the lights in the bathrooms. 

I also finished touching up the closets

My friends Michele and Lauren came over today to help me paint the door frames

I also started sectioning off the walls in the master for the mustard yellow faux glaze I’m getting ready to fill it with. I’m so excited for this style of painting. It’s suppose to make the walls look like linen…but I think it makes it look like a French cafe 🙂

more painting tomorrow………..was starting to stress but got some great tips from Daisy, the contractor’s wife. If any of you are looking for a reliable, honest and trustworthy contractor call Frank Pieraldi (Dominion Inspections and Capital Maintenance) at 816-810-8876. They are wonderful!