wedding prep: bridezilla?

Ever wonder how you can actually get yourself to walk down the aisle and say “I do” to a man as long as you both shall live? 

I believe one of the most important things you can do to “plan” your wedding is to allow God to help you with the issues hidden in your heart that will begin to surface. Whereas before you can hide it and press it down in various ways, for some reason when you say “yes!” when he proposes the pandora box of your heart is opened. Insecurities, worries, fears begin to manifest in a more profound way than before. At times you will begin to feel bridezilla invading into your heart.

Truth be told, the months leading up to your wedding is a time where you begin to take the very natural rite of passage into a MAJOR change in your life as a woman. You’re leaving your father and mother’s house and preparing to be one with another.

What makes it even more fun is that it seems as if everyone around you is pressing their nose right up against the window into your soul. Everyone has an opinion on what’s best or how you should be doing things for the wedding. This ranges from people wanting to know if they’re invited to the wedding to others wanting to know the exact schedule of when they should arrive while you’re still trying to wrap your mind around what exactly you’re suppose to do for the wedding. 

Though I’m tempted to think that I’m the only one with these seemingly “crazy” issues coming up…I have a hunch that I’m not alone. 

The truths a soon-to-be-bride must remember are (what’s been helping me):

  1. Christ is our hope.
  2. He wants to bring healing and restoration into your heart before you get married
  3. You’re not a psycho
  4. Your fiance is not against you but loves you deeply and is for you. He is just having a hard time trying to figure out what in the world is going on with your heart. He’s just as confused about your heart as you are. 

It’s hard, but I’m learning to take time to talk to the Lord and be honest with Him about my struggles and all the emotions that are being triggered in a deeper level than before. What’s good is that He is releasing truth and freedom to deeper parts of my heart too! : ) So in the end, it’s not bad. It feels yuck, but it’s towards a great outcome. 

wedding prep: baby steps out of the mold

To be honest, there are many interests in the area of the arts that I don’t allow myself to step into for fear of it not being “holy” enough or others thinking the same thing 😛 but that’s the fear of man..a fear that typically isn’t conquered in one night (though i wish it was).

I was just talking to Dustin (ma fiance) about this over breakfast. He made a comment that stuck with me and got me thinking. Basically he said that he feels that I haven’t really stepped into what I’m really called to do yet. I think it’s true. I just want to do what I know I can perfect and that everyone would be celebrating wholeheartedly…and 99.9% of life you can’t have either of those on the first try. Also, if you’re doing what you’re called to do, you’ll be persecuted…so that blows those two idealistic criteria out of the waters. 

So, here’s a little glimpse into what I’m afraid to enjoy and share, makeup and fashion although I really don’t like using the word “fashion” because by definition it means: 

a popular trend, esp. in styles of (mac dictionary) 

I’d rather call it your personal style instead…I’ll try to remember to refer it as such : P But here it is…a baby step into the dark abyss of being who the Lord created me to me…ah!

Anyways, In hopes of doing my own make up for the wedding instead of paying someone too much to do something that I like and can do, I’ve been watching some youtube hair & makeup tutorials. Believe me, you can pick it up…like anything it just takes time to learn a new skill. Here are a few I really like and am considering…


‪Chignon Chanel Paris‬

‪High messy bun hairstyle inspired by Chanel‬


The plus side of doing your own makeup for a special event like a wedding is that not only will you save money by learning how to do it yourself, but also you can use the money you save to invest in good makeup that you will use nearly everyday. Though I don’t think this is highly recommended, I’ve been using the same eyeshadows I’ve purchased for the past three-plus years.  Also, for some reason, perhaps it’s the miracle of God’s ability to multiply things, I can use the same foundation and powder I purchase for at least an entire year, if not two. I think it’s also due to the fact that I don’t pile it own. 

To save money, I’ve collected some nice items I found at bargain factory like my stila smudge pots and my maybelline mascara. I’ve also found nice eyeshadow palettes at an affordable price at Nordstrom Rack when I get the chance to head up to Chicago. But now that there’s one opened here in Lenexa, I may go and pay a visit there. 

One major tip I got from doing different photo shoots in the past and through conversations with different makeup artists is to use matte makeup for events that will be captured on camera. Shimmering makeup will reflect the lighting that’s coming from the flash and actually make your eyes or lips appear swollen.

Here’s a good matte makeup tutorial I found. My friend Ann introduced me to this girl. I like her British accent, how laid back she is and how she’s not trying to teach you how to get more guys through the tutorials (I’ve seen some like that on youtube. : P not my fav.) 

Matte Makeup Tutorial

wedding: how I’m planning electronically

What I’m using to help keep me organized and connect with everyone helping:

Evernote: A wonderful & free app that I can access anywhere. I use it to clip photos of images that I may want to use for the wedding, snag a cool wedding website or jot down notes I want to remember such as caterer’s information etc. 

GoogleDoc:  I used the templates they already have in GoogleDoc to plan out the next three months, the week of the wedding and manage this “project.” I divided tasks into months and assign them to different individuals in my bridal party, put in a due date and also extra infos on each tast. I also put the guest list in spreadsheets in googledocs to help me keep track of their info, rsvp etc. 

Pinterest: You can call this your glorified electronic, no glue necessary, inspiration board. I’ve been able to find more images in the style that I like for the wedding than anywhere else so definitely take advantage of its search engine. I also share my “wedding inspiration” board with the bridesmaids to help them know the type of dress I’m wanting them to purchase for the wedding and also hair styles I’m considering. 

Facebook: good old facebook, it makes wedding planning with faraway bridesmaids fun and more intimate than email. In hopes of connecting with all the bridesmaids (only one of them lives in my vicinity), I’ve been posting pictures of me in my wedding dress, asking them their opinions about bridesmaids dresses, sharing prayer requests and invitation designs with them on facebook. I love using it! 

So even if you’re not planning your wedding (openly before the eyes of man), these apps/sites are useful for everyday life management : ) 

wedding: wow, I’m getting married

I don’t know how to quite go about blogging about the wedding planning process. It’s not like the house. I can’t really take pictures each day of how things are going. Much of what I’m doing now is basically looking at the list of todos before the big event, delegating responsibilities to my friends and spending time with the Lord to stay sane and focused on Him. 

The previous week was a little hectic and crazy but now that I’ve taken a good look at what I need to do with some of my bridesmaids and sent out the first round of save the dates, I’m feeling much more relaxed. I think some people think I’m crazy for trying to do it in three months time. But in actuality, it doesn’t take that long to pull of a wedding especially if you have friends and family who are willing to help. 

I’m beginning to have butterflies in my stomach, realizing that I really am getting married. This time around, I’m not watching a friend walk down the aisle from a distance, it’s not a girl in a magazine, it’s not just a far off thing, but it’s really happening to me.  AH! (did i just write a pop song? i think i did. ha!)

I’ve settled on the theme colors: mustard yellow and teal, my favorite colors of all time. I’m having the bridesmaids pick a dress in different shades of the themes. Some of my favorites are:


and for the hair…i’m thinking that i want really loose, laid back, boho look 🙂

so excited…eeks! 🙂

A Cry for Justice

I recently picked up Shelley Hundley’s book, A Cry for Justice and I cannot put it down. I highly recommend it for everyone, especially those who have encountered pain and suffering in their life that they cannot comprehend or feel helpless in freeing themselves from. God has used Shelley’s personal testimony to free His children from the shame and bondage of pain into the freedom of knowing Christ’s faithfulness in fighting for us. 

Wedding: true happiness and engagement photos

Wanting to not loose sight of what the wedding is about, I asked the Lord how to bless Dustin. I remember once in the prayer room, when we were having some tension in our relationship, both of us took time to be with the Lord. Funny thing was, we both ended up in the prayer room..hahhaa. God spoke to me that night and said, “Sunny, happiness is from me. I am the source of happiness, not you.”

With those simple words, God decrypted all that was tangled up in an indecipherable knot inside of me. I need not work to please Dustin and make him happy! Instead, I need only to lean deep into His grace to seek God’s face for He is the source of all the goodness we seek. As I look at Him and trust in Him, He makes all things work for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28).

My hands, my smiles, my works cannot make Dustin happy or anyone else happy. It is God who brings joy to the hearts of His children. Even those who deny Him, He still blesses them and gives them joy. What a wonderful God we are adopted into.

This week, as I asked the Lord for wisdom on how to bless Dustin, He said, “he is blessed when you hear my voice.”

I’m so thankful that God brought a man into my life who leads me to the Lord with his life. Who desires that I know Jesus above all else. Who would rather I study the Bible than keep a spotless house, cook wonderful meals and look pristine all the time. Thank You God for Dustin 🙂 I love him.

Here’s a link to the rest of the our engagement photos by Adam Hanly.

wedding: how not to loose my mind

So I’ve officially started my wedding planning…for a few weeks now that’s why I’ve been silent for so long on tumblr. I have to say, I have a little more compassion for bridezillas…at least I know how one can easily turn into one. 

I really wanted the wedding to point to God and not how much money I have (or don’t have) or how cool I am or how deliriously Dustin and I are in love. But I wondered if it’s possible at all in the midst of all the emotions that begin to erupt as I step foot into wedding planning land. 

First of all, it seems like I can NEVER stop. There’s always something to do. Some loose end left untied. Something I forgot….on and on and on it goes. I drive myself harder in hope of finishing SOMETHING! 

The other day, God gave me the great idea of taking 30 minutes a day outside of the prayer room to quiet down and journal. To reign in all the worries and fears, let Him remind me what this is all about….

I’ll try to update on my wedding planning progress. Here’s a little glimpse…I want my bridesmaids to each pick their own dress that are in shades of teal and mustard yellow, or both combined. I love how it looks…