Does God Really Care? Learning His Heart Towards His Children

I tend to worry. When I hear of the trials my friends go through, it’s difficult for me to not feel anxious about their well being and entrust their hardship into God’s hands. At times it’s so difficult for me to resist the urge to try to fix the situation or to make my friends feel better. 

But within these past few months, God has been showing me the type of Father He is to His children. He is a good Dad. In one vision, God showed me that He sets a place at His table every day for everyone of His children, whether or not they were planning on coming. His love is always extended out to them. He is always waiting. 

Then today, in prayer, the Lord took me even deeper into this powerful truth of His nature. He open my heart to receive the truth that His eyes are always on His children and attentive to their cries and needs. He is not lazy, nor preoccupied with other things  when it comes to His children. His eyes are always on us.

God also spoke to me and showed me that He is not disappointed nor angered by my anxious heart.

I’ve been struggling recently because I found myself again worrying about a friend. In the midst of my worrying, unbeknownst to me, I grew afraid that God was mad at how anxious I was. I felt distant from the Lord and began poking and prodding around my life, trying to figure out what was the matter by myself. 

Gently, God revealed to me the fear hidden in my heart. He spoke to me tenderly, making known to me yet again His long-suffering, patient heart towards me. He told me that He understands why I tend to be anxious. His eyes that are always on His beloved children saw my past and the struggles He is leading out of. He doesn’t tell me that I “should know better.” No, that’s the enemy’s mantra of accusation and condemnation. God, my Abba, knows ME! My past, my struggles, my tendencies and why they are there. He knows the truth, that it is in continual revelation of His love that is greater than fear, drawing close to His true nature, giving me confidence to look TO Him in my weaknesses that I am transformed. 

His ways are not our ways, nor His thoughts anything like our thoughts. He is higher (Isaiah 55:9).

So Abba, I just pray today, that You would help all of us, Your beloved children to walk deeper into the truth that You know us so well, Your eyes are on us. Draw us into Your patience, Your lovingkindness that we so desperately need revelation of.