Being Married: Happy Surprises

It’s not what I thought it would be, it’s much better. Being married (finally) I was so happily surprised by how marriage is so fun and such a joy!

photo credit: Nishanth Jois

At first I was worried that I wouldn’t have my own space or time to be by myself amongst other things, but all the fears I had, all the false assumptions I had of what marriage is, got blown right out of the waters.

Being able to hang out with your best friend all the time, embrace and enjoy each other’s company……….laugh together and have fun together…’s changed me as a person. I felt that the Lord, through our marriage, took me even deeper into His love for me and His delight over me. My feet became more firmly planted upon His truth…my heart grew in belief more and more, that God IS good!

One of the greatest blessings of marriage? Is witnessing God’s faithfulness and love. When I see that Dustin doesn’t reject me or give up on me when faced with my brokenness and weaknesses day in and day out, my eyes and heart are opened a bit more to receive freely Christ’s love for me. Let God love me as I really am.

This is what the Lord desires to give you! And it is His delight to give you good gifts! Rejoice in this truth.

Though not all marriages look the same (and I am in no way saying that everyone’s marriage needs to look like ours), though not all of our times are easy (and yes we do get into arguments from time to time)….but the truth even in the midst of turmoil whether you’re single, dating or married, is that God is there and there is hope! Who knows how He is going to transform all of our ashes into beauty, our mourning into joy. He does make all things beautiful in His time! That is the truth!

I pray that the little snippets from our marriage, gives you the light of God’s hope. He reigns over your life!



One Thousand Gifts:a dare to live fully right where you are/一千次感謝:勇敢面對我現在的人生
by: Ann Voskamp 作者:安.福斯坎

如果你希望在你的生命當中更清楚看見 神對你的愛,更深的經歷 祂的喜樂和平安,這本書會很適合你。

Captivating 麻雀變鳳凰
by: John & Stacy Eldridge 作者:艾傑奇夫婦

瞭解 神創造了女人的意義和怎麼真實的活出 神創造的妳

Restoring the Christian Family 基督化家庭的恢復(上)和 (下)
by:John & Paula Sanford 作者:桑得福夫婦


Passion & Purity 郵遞真愛
by: Elisabeth Elliot 作者:伊莉莎白˙艾略特

想聽一個屬 神的愛情故事嗎?這本書就是作者伊莉莎白自己的愛情故事,她很真實的寫出來鼓勵大家。屬 神的愛情是真實,值得等待的!

Experiencing the Father’s Embrace 經歷天父的擁抱
by: Jack Frost 作者:傑克.福斯特


The Mystery of Marriage 比翼雙飛
by: Mike Mason 作者 : 梅麥克


Jesus Calling 耶穌的叮嚀
by: Sarah Young 作者: 莎拉.揚恩

雖然短,可是這簡單的靈修書帶給我許多的鼓勵,幫助我專注在 神身上,更加地在祂不變的愛裡有信心


Unveiled Wife: great site aimed at encouraging wives

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 11.33.54 AM

Came across this site this morning while googling for prayers for pray over Dustin. Aimed at encouraging wives with truth and honesty, Jennifer Smith builds up women in their calling as wives. I encourage you to read through this site and share it with others you believe would be blessed by its content!

Ok with the Real Me

The unfamiliar breeds fear, so being here in this new land it grew within me. That part of me that wanted to perform well enough…the part that wants so desperately to be “enough” began to take more and more.
I couldn’t see the heights I’ve climbed nor the valleys I’ve conquered with the Lord.
All that I saw was my insecurities. All I felt, were fear and uncertainty.

photo credit: Tela Chhe

I pulled out my measuring stick and began to compare, contrast….wanting to be………enough
pale enough (Asia’s measure of beauty is pale skin)
joyful enough
adapting well enough
passionate, hard working, asian enough
But my skin was so much darker

I tried to contort myself, trying to fit the mold of what I thought people’s expectations were of me
Most likely most of it made up……fantastic things fear distorted my vision to think and believe others spoke about me
some were true……what the new culture and environment wanted out of me

it exhausted me
it drained me of me
and of God’s voice
His presence

but You kept whispering to me, “just look at Me, just hold My hand”
and brought me back…………….to where I belong, in Your house
back to me,
who You created me to be

You leaned in close,
I can feel the heat of Your breath
whispered words that hugged me tight:
“I like the real you”

Trending in Taipei

Can’t help but notice the trends here in Taipei as I walk around. Some I love and some I think I’ll stay away from for now. But who knows, maybe in a few months I’ll be the one walking around looking Taiwanese?

top from Air Space for 490 NT ($17)

flowy feminine tops

dress from Air Space: 490 NT ($17)

exposed shoulders

Creepers: punk rock is still alive and trending here

Bunny ear ribbons: they come with wires inside the ribbons to ensure the ears stay put

Always interesting to people watch and track what’s trending in a different country

Things Learned During My 30th Year on Earth

Morning of my 31st birthday and I’m overwhelmed with what the Lord’s given me this past year….below are just a few I can remember right now:

is what we fix our minds and hearts upon. Once I start focusing, trying to notice the good, the life and love….it sprouts, blossoms and blooms and come into fruition in my life. Tearing my eyes off the dead, the lifeless, the dark, gives light, gives You opportunity to grow in me and bloom all around me.

photo credit:

People Actually Do Like Me
Really starting to believe that people do like me and love me. why is it that we think otherwise? why does it take so long?

For every wound, every apology not spoken, You have an apology for me. Your eyes see what happened. You tell me, my Judge, the Judge of the world that what happened was wrong. It is in the letting go, in trusting You to take care of all the problematic areas of me that I witness miracles…live miracles.

Courage vs. Fear
I was afraid of letting go of my past thinking that’s who I am. Thinking that those memories, the pain the heartache are the things that hedge me in, the dark lines I can color within, keeping me safe. But You gently coaxed me into letting go of the old ways to embrace the story You’ve written so carefully lovingly for me. You help me get up, teach me to fight and stand my ground. Show me there’s strength and victory for me. My place is not to back down, but to rise up. Take my place of authority. Take my place as Your daughter and Bride.

You in the Ordinary
You are everywhere. The breeze that kisses me on the cheek when I hang laundry up in our back porch. The water running through my hands as I wash the dishes. The blanket that covers me at night. I can pray wherever and whenever, because praying does not require buildings, Sunday services or much at all…for praying is You talking to me and me to You

I’m Not That Messed Up

Thank You Abba for another year of life!!!! Love You!