Preparing for Marriage: Power of Agreeing with Truth

I’ve started a single women’s prayer group called Esther Club focused on preparing hearts for marriage. Though most of the ladies in the group joined the small group with a desire for their earthly marriage (which isn’t a bad thing at all), my desire is to partner with the Lord to set their eyes upon and prepare them for their eternal marriage to Christ in addition to their earthly marriage.

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I remember when I first joined Becky’s women’s group which we fondly called WOTTs (Women of Titus Two: after Elisabeth Elliott’s call for older women to shepherd and mother younger women), I was jaded, anxious and bitter. Though perhaps I didn’t appear that way on the outside, but that was truly where I was at on the inside. I lacked peace and didn’t trust God’s goodness too much.

Then through the weeks that turned into months and the months that turned into two plus years, the continual realignment with the truth of God, being called again and again out of my double mindedness (James 1:1-8) back to truth transformed me. Becky’s wisdom and anointing as a spiritual mother to us little chicks, the testimonies of other ladies in our small group firmly established me more and more on the Rock that is higher than I, the Rock that can’t be shaken.
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A Prayer of Blessing for our Marriage

Praying for your marriage and husband is both powerful and essential. Coming into agreement with God’s desire to bless one’s marriage through prayer aligns your heart with the truth that He is for us not against us. The act of prayer is powerful warfare against the accusations and schemes of the enemy who tries to steal, kill and destroy…his efforts of trying to deceive us into believing we are utterly alone.

I found a wonderful prayer for marriage/husband on the Unveiled Wife website and tweaked it a little to tailor it to what I would like to pray over my own marriage and over Dustin. I encourage you to pray this over your own marriage. God loves to bless marriages and help us grow in loving our husband as He loves them. To download the PDF version, just click here!

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Thank you for your unconditional and faithful love for me. I am so undeserving, yet You pursue me daily! Thank you for your grace and for your perfect provision which You pour upon my life everyday. My life is a testimony of Your goodness, kindness and mercy. I am so blessed and grateful for my life and for my husband’s life. Thank You for trusting us with each other’s hearts, blessing us with the covenant of marriage. You have given us an opportunity to love each other unconditionally and sometimes that is hard to do, but I ask Lord that you would help us to love like You love. I admit that I can’t do it myself, but in You there is more than enough love and strength. You are our source of life, joy, peace and love. Continue reading “A Prayer of Blessing for our Marriage”

Basics of Living in Taipei

Surviving in Taipei

Before I left for Taiwan, I did a little research on the basics of what I need to live in Taiwan. Having lived in America for so long and not really experienced all the seasons in Taiwan for so long, I wanted to be prepared. Now after living here for a good four months, the above items are mostly what I bring along with me or use most often. These items are definitely a most for living in this tropical island that gets hit with so many typhoons. Even now as I write this post, we’re in the midst of a typhoon.
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Looking for a Best Friend: The True Answer to Loneliness

Christ bore the Cross, suffered and died in order to tear the veil, close the gap between the Father and us: His beloved Bride, God’s beloved sons and daughters. We have been adopted, grafted back into our family, our true family, the only perfect family with parents that love us with perfect unfailing unconditional love. Back to our compassionate, patient, just and true Brother.

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Hollywood and the Enemy tells us the answer is in man. So we seek after man to be our best friend, our spouse, our Father. Most of us are looking for the right man, the perfect friend, the best mentor, the person who can FINALLY take the place of that broken friendship or parent that let us down so badly or was never there.When we give man the right to sit upon the throne of our hearts, we give ourselves to disappointment, pain, torment and confusion. It is only when Christ sits upon the throne of our heart, that everything else in our lives fall into the right place. This is the only place everything else other than God should fall into our lives: Christ as the source, the center, our all and everything else secondary. Continue reading “Looking for a Best Friend: The True Answer to Loneliness”

The Truth About Marriage

How’s married life going? I’ve been asked this questions multiple times since getting married. My response? “Awesome!”

I remember this one particular time when my friend asked me this question and I gave her my usual, “it’s awesome!” response to which she replied, “that’s SO refreshing to hear!”

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I grew up surrounded by hearing complaints about marriage, how bad it’s going, the many ways of how men mistreat women and it freaked me out. Marriage sounded like a tortuous dungeon that I did not want to venture into. Yet, I wasn’t able to arrest my heart from desiring it.

In order to prevent the same pains from venturing into my own life and heart, I listened attentively whenever someone was sharing about marriage and relationships. I picked up many books on marriage from the infamous “how to kiss dating goodbye” to the classic, “passion and purity.” Yet my heart was still filled with questions, wonderings and fears regarding marriage.
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