Shepherd of My Heart

Dustin shared with me once of a story he heard from a teacher from IHOPU about a shepherd with his sheep in New Zealand. One rainy day, him and his friend went out to watch a shepherd work. That day one sheep had walked off on its own and its coat became heavy from soaking up the rain water. Unable to withstand the weight by itself, the sheep fell onto its side, not able to stand back up. The shepherd then went after his sheep and started rubbing the legs of the sheep in effort to warm them up. After the shepherd rubbed and warmed up the legs of the sheep, he held it up so it can stand, but immediately the sheep fell over again. The shepherd then tried again and again and again, until the sheep eventually was able to stand by itself. On the way back, him and his friend who wept while they watched the shepherd, continued to weep in the car, touched by the revelation of how the Lord interacts with us, His beloved sheep.

Being in a new country, where everyday it seems as if I’m constantly surrounded by strange and new things has been uncomfortable. Though I speak the language, I’m not familiar with the unwritten social and cultural rules. Throughout the process of navigating through all the new, I’ve grown increasingly frustrated and disappointed with myself. Continue reading “Shepherd of My Heart”