When You Feel Like You’re Failing Life

It happens to all of us. These questions that plague us from time to time. The questions we’d rather drown out with too much television, online shopping, Pinterest and food. Yes, we’re getting up too late, we’re not disciplined enough and the laundry’s piling up but does that makes us failures?


Moving to Taiwan, having to relearn almost everything from ground up: where to find the best priced groceries, getting nervous before I have to call a service person on the phone or make reservations for fear of not understanding and embarrassing myself because yet again I have to ask them to repeat themselves, not knowing so much…………..I have to admit it’s been making me feel like a failure. Transitioning to a different culture is exhausting! But am I giving myself grace, seeing myself through my Abba’s eyes? Or am I beating myself over the head with my measuring stick again?
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The Slip On Sneaker Trend: how to wear this comfortable shoe

Moving to Taiwan has opened my eyes to different sense of style. Their love of bright colors and sportswear has intrigued me especially people’s obsessions with sneakers. Other than California, I haven’t seen so many people into wearing sneakers before. After living here for several months, I’ve concluded that it’s mainly due to how much walking one must do in this city. Since public transportation is so convenient and much more affordable than owning a car and safer than riding a scooter, this is the choice way to get around town for most Taipei-ites. And of course with the large use of public transportation comes lots of walking.

The fact that people here are so into sportswear and just the overall comfort of it (not to mention how it’s trending now in the fashion world) has inspired me to wholeheartedly embrace and incorporate it into my closet. Recently, I bought a pair of Vans slip-ons (at an incredible bargain! YEAH! I refuse to pay full price on most clothing items) that I’m loving! So just wanted to share my love and also some of my thoughts on how to style this trend.

slip on trend

With every trend, I’m always a proponent of not breaking the bank to be fashionable (unless you’ve got the dough to afford to). A love of fashion shouldn’t require you getting into debt! That’s why I love the fact that there’s plenty of affordable versions of this trend. I personally vouch for Vans since they’ve been making this style of shoes for a lot longer so I think they know what they’re doing and their shoes are pretty durable. I don’t want to waste my moolah on cheaply made stuff.
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