Preggoland: how it all started

Baby BluesWhen we first got married I was terrified that I would get pregnant right away. I didn’t feel ready and more importantly I didn’t know how I would handle my mom taking care of me for a month (in Taiwanese culture women have a month of postpartum confinement where they rest and eat a bunch of food and Chinese medicine to reboot their body after giving birth). I was petrified of taking on the responsibility of raising a child. I felt that I would either fail miserably or damage the child for life, or both.

That was three years ago. During the past three years I felt the Lord calm my nerves and prepare my heart (as He so faithfully does every time) to receive this gift He wants to give us. I believe the most important thing was knowing that He will be there with me to help me. I wouldn’t be alone trying to handle all of it by myself.

I remember asking my friend Becky Falkner the secret to having a God-centered loving family like herself (she has five kids and sixteen grandkids). She told me, that she’d asked the Lord for help a lot and would try to apologize to her children when she made a mistake. That really simplified things for me. Similar to a lot of things in life, we simply need to ask the Lord for help (look to Him) and to say sorry.

So this past fall, we felt ready to start trying. But when we did I faced another worry in my heart. Would I get pregnant? What if I don’t? I felt as if I was surrounded by many women who had trouble getting pregnant. After reading up on the realities of conception, I realized that sometimes it takes up to six months to conceive. Wow! Six-months! What if it takes me six months or more or it doesn’t happen at all? AHHHHH! Continue reading “Preggoland: how it all started”