Facing Fears of Motherhood: God’s Promise of Deliverance

One of the greatest fears I’ve had to confront during my pregnancy is the fear of motherhood. The fear that I wouldn’t be enough for my child. The worries of failing my baby. The fear that we would have a bad relationship or that she would have a painful and bad childhood.

Most whom I’ve spoken of this to immediately respond with affirmations of the good mother I will be, which is comforting. But despite all those affirming words from friends, I still can’t seem to shake off these fears.

As I was sharing these worries with my friend Becky via FaceTime this morning, the Lord shed some light through our conversation. She shared that as a first time mom, the framework of what we think motherhood will be like comes mostly from what we experienced from our own mothers. If we did not have a good experience with her, most likely it would bring about some negative emotions as we anticipate the birth of our child. How right she was.
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Preggoland @ 2nd Trimester: facing my fears (4 things that helped me overcome them) & all the love

This trimester has been a difficult one emotionally. I don’t know if it was all the hormones (double the estrogen since I’m having a girl) or just simply the fact that I’m facing a major transition in my life (probably a mix of both), but it’s been a doozy. But at the same time, I was pleasantly surprised by all the love people showed towards our baby and us.

Facing My Fears: 4 things that really helped me overcome them

During these past three months, my fears towards labor and motherhood were heightened. It doesn’t help that I live in a country where there is a lot of fear surrounding birth and motherhood. I tried many things to help me get over these fears that kept hanging on for a good month or so. I tried googling for other moms who went through the same things during their pregnancy. I tried to give it to the Lord in prayer. I tried talking it out with my husband. I tried messaging other moms on FaceBook asking for their advice on how they overcame their fears. But ultimately I found what really helped me overcome these fears was talking about them with an older woman who has been there and done it all before.

I skyped my good friend and mentor Becky. After talking to her about my fears regarding the pain I would inevitably face during labor and delivery, peace began to enter into my heart. I think what every preggo mama needs and wants to hear from their moms and other women in their lives is, “everything is going to be alright.” Sounds simple enough right?

But here are the four things that really helped me including the one I just mentioned above:
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