What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag: Taiwan Expat Mommy Edition

Last week I got my hospital bag ready since I’m less than a month away from my due date (can’t believe D-day is so soon!)! Since I’m giving birth in Taiwan instead of the States, on top of looking up what to pack on Pinterest, I also read up on what moms in Taiwan pack for the hospital (in Taiwan hospital bags are called dai chan bao (待產包)). In hopes of helping the expat mamas in Taiwan, I’ve put together this Taiwan hospital bag packing list with the Chinese names of items you’ll need to bring and also links to sites where you can purchase some of the items. Due to the fact that it’s so much cheaper to give birth here versus the States, you’ll need to bring some items that are usually provided by the hospitals in America. (I’ve also updated the list now that I’m one month postpartum.) But if you plan on delivering in a larger hospital, usually they’ll have a pharmacy there to purchase anything you need or forgot. Hope this helps you!

Documents- Hospital Baag
1. folder/envelope: to put all the paperwork you’ll receive from the hospital for the baby and also to keep your cash in. I heard it’s recommended to bring around 20,000NT so you don’t have to run out to an ATM. Of course it’s also pretty convenient to find an ATM in Taiwan too if you don’t want to have that much money in your bag.
2. Mommy Handbook 媽媽手冊
3. You’ll also need your National Healthcare card and ARC or Taiwan ID

During Labor_Hospital Bag
1. music (phone/lap top, portable speakers) (I listened to Childbirth in the Glory and another birth affirmation while laboring. It helped me so much!)
2. essential oil and diffuser (lavender is recommended for birthing) (I didn’t bring this..maybe should’ve)
3. (optional) homeopathic meds (I packed arnicare gel, clary age essential oil, Pulsatilla 30c, Arnica Montana 30c, Caulophyllum 30c, Gelsemium 30c) (I took some in the beginning of labor but later on forgot to)
4. massage ball (forgot to get one but my husband rubbed my back and that felt sooo good!)
5. small towel for when you get sweaty or to be used as a cold/hot compress (useful especially when I took a shower the day after in the hospital room)
6. hot/cold compress (wished I had a hot compress for my back, didn’t get a chance to get one before I left for the hospital)
7. snacks & drinks (coconut water is a great source of electrolytes, I loved the ones I found at Carrefour which came with straws like a juice box. Made drinking them while lying down so much easier)
8. yoga ball (I labored for a bit on it)
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