When You Feel Like You’re Failing Life

It happens to all of us. These questions that plague us from time to time. The questions we’d rather drown out with too much television, online shopping, Pinterest and food. Yes, we’re getting up too late, we’re not disciplined enough and the laundry’s piling up but does that makes us failures?


Moving to Taiwan, having to relearn almost everything from ground up: where to find the best priced groceries, getting nervous before I have to call a service person on the phone or make reservations for fear of not understanding and embarrassing myself because yet again I have to ask them to repeat themselves, not knowing so much…………..I have to admit it’s been making me feel like a failure. Transitioning to a different culture is exhausting! But am I giving myself grace, seeing myself through my Abba’s eyes? Or am I beating myself over the head with my measuring stick again?

No matter where we are in life, it’s easy to give ourselves a big fat “F”. Easy to condemn, easy to look down rather than up. Easy to give into the lies. But what is true failure? Failing defined by the word of God is choosing to not follow Jesus Christ.

Oftentimes, when we feel like we’re failing it’s because we’re not meeting our own expectation of ourselves. We’re not kind enough to that person, we’re not waking up early enough in the morning, we’re not praying enough for that atrocity, we’re not….we’re not….we’re not….and again our eyes have become fixed upon ourselves, our works, righteousness and strength instead of Jesus.

He alone is why we can’t fail. He alone is my A++ and all the extra credits. I can’t earn my way into perfection when Christ is already the perfect sacrifice. It is from this place of perfect perfection, that we can once again boldly receive freely from God rather than act like a slave in the house of our Father. Receiving Christ freely is what strengthens us to throw off the entangling snares of condemnation and lifts up our face to feel the light of His countenance shining upon us….and know again His kindness that has never changed. Receiving freely, apart from our righteousness is what makes us Christians that truly love and shine His love rather than tire in our own efforts.

Little by little, as we rewind, repeat, relearn this seemingly simple truth, we are working with the Lord to chisel away those human natured lies and rest more fully in Him, in the 100% He earned for us.

Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces. -Psalm 34:5

Abba, help us all come home and receive freely the love You love Christ with. Yes, Your love towards us never changes.

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