Preggoland, The First Trimester: fatigue, nausea & freak out

Fatigue, nausea and freakout are three words I would use to sum up my first trimester. Sound exciting?

I started off strong, implementing the diet recommended in Nourishing Traditions of Baby & Child Care (by Sally Fallon Morell & Thomas Cowan M.D.). For breakfast I had an organic egg, sautéed veggies and sometimes a sweet potato. I even made liver and ate it…..once (hahahahahah). But then at week five that’s when things started to go downhill.

Fatigue & Nausea
In the beginning when the nausea wasn’t so strong, I was in denial. I didn’t want to be one of those women who had morning sickness!!! It seemed like every women around me didn’t feel a thing during their pregnancy. I didn’t want to be the odd duck! But as the nausea grew stronger and stronger…..I had to face the facts, I had morning sickness. Thank goodness I wasn’t throwing up but I had morning sickness.

Later on as I asked around more and read more about pregnancy, I realized that every woman is different and will have different experiences and it doesn’t mean that I’m more unhealthy or bad for some reason.

I felt nauseated and tired from week five until a few weeks into my second trimester. I was taking naps every afternoon, I HAD to take a nap. I started to go to sleep at 11pm which is totally out of character for me since I’m such a night owl. I didn’t want to do any house work nor did I want to cook. We began getting take out more and more (thank God it’s so affordable to do so in Taiwan!). My healthy wife mentality went out the window because I was just SO tired and sick. One time I even started crying because I felt so bad that even on our date day when I knew my husband wanted to go out, all I wanted to do was to stay at home. I remember I was crying in the bathroom and Dustin, the super awesome hubby that he is comforted me, reminding me that there’s a miracle happening in my body and that’s why I feel so strange. I love him so :).

Sleeping in Mommy's Bed

The pregnancy has also brought us deeper in love with one another. Dustin keeps thanking me for carrying our child when he would pray for us at night, bringing tears to my eyes and melting my heart. He began helping out more around the house, picking up some of the duties I was responsible for prior to the pregnancy. I think it helped both of us appreciate one another more and perhaps the growing baby also is solidifying our love even further. 🙂 God knew what He was doing when He was commanding us to be fruitful and multiply. I’m definitely seeing it bless our marriage.

I can’t be more thankful for the mommies on FaceBook. When you’re pregnant and freaking out, please post your freak outs and questions that are causing the freak outs on FaceBook. You can count on some honest and caring feedback to put you at ease.

There were two things I was freaking out about: feeling like a lazy bum and also coming to grips with the fact that I’m going to be a MOM!

I was feeling like such a lazy bum during the second half of my first trimester. All I wanted to do is sleep and watch T.V. Not just any type of T.V. shows or movies but things that moved slowly. If there was too much fast movements, action and hyped up music in the background, that made me nauseous. Seeing food being cooked also made me feel nauseous. The show that was my constant companion during this time was Ace of Cakes. Something about a bunch of artsy funny people who decorated cakes just soothed me. Thank you Ace of Cakes for helping me through my first trimester, I’m so sad they canceled your show!

I was also worried about how I was going to be able to fulfill my role as a mother. Nine months seemed so short to me and I couldn’t see myself being prepared to take care of an infant in nine months. Two books have been helping me move from freak out to peace, Supernatural Childbirth and Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.

Reading testimonies of the miracle and God’s intention for childbirth really put my heart at ease. Instead of meditating on my worries and fears, I was able to focus more on God’s word and truth which always bring peace. Reading such encouraging and beautiful birth stories in Ina May’s book also helped me have more hope in what my delivery can be like. It helped me see how I’ve been brainwashed by media to fear birth when in fact it can be a beautiful and powerful experience for a woman.

Best Friends

I hope my story helps you look forward to your own pregnancy whether that is right now or in the future. If you are already a mama, how was your pregnancy and delivery? Please share in the comments below! I would love to hear from you.

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  1. That was sweet to read. Thanks for sharing your experience. I had read that Ina Mae book as a friend of mine who is a mom mentioned it being a good one. God bless your growing family!

  2. Dear Sunny, This is great to write down the journey of your first pregnancy. Also it helps mama to understand what you’ve been through and how you handle all these new challenges to you , and Dustin. Please let me know if there is anything I can help. Mama believe both of you are going to be the fantastic parents though it would be a tough task of life. Wish you all the best and looking forward to the continue chapters.


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