6 months of love, tears & learning to be kind to myself

I can’t believe it’s already been six months! The past six months have been both long and short. Our little Sadie Talulah is growing too fast! I’ve already packed away a box of her clothes (tear). All this has only reminded me to slow down and treasure each moment.

IMG_1877I still remember vividly the thrill, shock and adrenaline rush I felt when Sadie was born. I remember watching her sleep that night, checking on her, hearing her little noises as I slept next to her. I had a hard time sleeping that night even though I had labored for 12+ hours. I remember waking up and feeding her early that morning. It was just me and her in the quiet of the night. Little did I know that it was the first of many days of growing in love and breaking into my new role as “mommy”.

I also remember the fear and anxiety I felt that first few weeks as I faced the onslaught of challenges.  From the shock and pain of engorgement when my milk came in to the reality of the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing. I’d21871017962_bdf2cc42b9_b.jpg put so much time into reading up on pregnancy and labor but wasn’t as well prepared for caring for Sadie (later I found out that this is common for first time moms. Read beyond the delivery mamas). I felt so in love as she slept on my chest, but also cried helpless tears when she wouldn’t stop crying or go to sleep. Reading books on learning to decipher her cries but puzzled with panic because I couldn’t differentiate between her cries. Struggling to fall asleep for quite a long time after she fell asleep because I was worried she was going to wake up any moment. But my biggest worry was am I enough? Can I give her what she needs…and if I can’t what’s going to happen? And do others think I’m a good mom? Or am I failing in everyone’s eyes including my own?

My tears once pregnant with overwhelmed anxiety turned into tears of overwhelming joy, thankfulness and love.

But I also remember when those anxious nights started to fade. I remember looking at her beautiful little face that blossomed right before my eyes. Her newborn red-toned skin fading into a lighter creamy shade she inherited from her daddy. Her puffiness from growing inside my belly for nine months going down to reveal her beautiful eyes and features. I remember holding her little clenched hands between my fingers, stroking her little curled up feet. My tears once pregnant with overwhelmed anxiety turned into tears of overwhelming joy, thankfulness and love.

As I waited on the Lord one evening, He spoke these words that comforted my heart, “you’re doing a good job.” The tears flowed as I let those words wash my weary heart. That’s one of the biggest question in my young mom heart, “am I doing good enough?” Yet that night, I felt the Lord encourage me and lift me up with those words. I let them sink in. I held and continue to hold onto those precious words. I felt His pride, His love for me…Him coaxing me to receive His love. Drink from His fountain of life.

I can’t reject help, I can’t do it by myself, I don’t know everything, I’m not better than anyone.

I feel like I’ve grown so much these six months (and have so much more growing to do), learned so much from our little Sadie. She’s taught me to slow down and be a child again. She’s helping me face my pride, grow in humility and in love. I can’t reject help, I can’t do it by myself, I don’t know everything, I’m not better than anyone. Loving her has also challenged me to close my ears even more to the voices of man and instead tune into the voice of God.
6152_10102329404821189_4834598728344479537_nSo dear first time mamas and long time mamas, if you’re reading this I just want to encourage You with the words God encouraged me with. You are doing MORE than good enough. It’s because you care and love that you struggle and question yourself. Don’t let your emotions indicate how you’re doing as a mom. When you lack wisdom, ask and your Father will be there to give you wisdom and help. People will give you advice and comment on how you parent, but remember to let the words of man fall to the ground and take time to receive Abba’s words and encouragement. What we need most as mamas, is to receive more freely not to give even more. And remember, you are a wonderful mama! 😃

What about you? What were some of the challenges and beautiful surprises for you as a new mommy?

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