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Free Chinese Advent Scripture Cards/聖誕降臨經文卡


It’s that time of the year again, Christmas! My friend Melinda introduced me to the beauty of Advent when I was in high school. It was my first time seeing an Advent wreath and it left a lasting impression on me. 

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Last year I wasn’t able to find an Advent reading plan suitable for my daughter who was two at the time so I decided to create one myself this year. Thanks to the idea presented by Rachel in our FaceBook  group (Christian bilingual parents Betty of CHALK Academy created), I came up with this Chinese Advent reading plan 耶穌降臨經文卡 (耶稣降临经文卡/yēsū jiànglín jīng wén kǎ).

Chinese Advent reading plan Christmas 聖誕降臨 降臨節倒數

Access Advent Reading Printables

To access the Advent printables, just enter your name and email address into the box on the right titled “sign up for free printables and sunshine.” You’ll then receive an email with the password to enter my printables page. 

Structure of the Advent Reading Plan 

Each day has one verse per day in Chinese and English. I created four versions: Traditional Chinese, Traditional Chinese with Pinyin, Simplified and Simplified with Pinyin. On the opposite side, there is a Chinese character to summarize the main point of the verse.

Chinese Advent reading plan Christmas 聖誕降臨 降臨節倒數

This reading plan is easy to do and doesn’t require much prep other than downloading my printables and hanging them up if you want to. You can simply have them in a stack on your table too if you prefer something more low key.

The reading takes you through (indicated by symbol found on the Chinese character side):

  1. 🌿The Promise of Christ’s first coming (day 1-7)
  2. ⭐The birth of Christ (8-13)
  3. 🎁The gift of Christ (significance of His first coming, days 14-19)
  4. 👑The Hope of His second coming (20-25) 

Setting Up Your Advent Cards

I printed these out on pearl card stock paper that I found at Hobby Lobby. The printable was designed to be double sided. So after printing out the first page, if you just flip the paper and feed it in the same direction as the opposite page, the correct word will print directly onto the back side. But if you prefer for them to be separate, there are numbers on both cards to help you match them up.

Chinese Advent reading plan Christmas 聖誕降臨 降臨節倒數

Next, I cut them up and put them in little envelopes I found at Walmart (here are some similar ones on Amazon). Then clipped them onto twine secured by tape with miniature clothespins on a Christmas tree outline I taped onto our door with green painter’s tape (which takes up less room in the house). 

Chinese Advent reading plan Christmas 聖誕降臨 降臨節倒數

The Beauty of Advent

Your Advent set up doesn’t have to be super crafty in order for you and your kids to enjoy it. The most important aspect of Advent is the simple yet profound act of taking time to rest and think upon the wonderful gift of Jesus coming as a little baby. Taking time to rest in the truth of how this little baby left the comforts of His home to restore our relationship with His Father. 

My daughter (who is three this year) is definitely connecting more to what we’re doing this year. It is so precious to see her excited to read each day’s verse and read them over lit candles (so she can blow them out haha 😂 ). 

Chinese Advent reading plan Christmas 聖誕降臨 降臨節倒數

I also set out a little wood Nativity scene to invite her to look at and play with. It’s also a great way to invite discussions about Jesus.

Chinese Advent reading plan Christmas 聖誕降臨 降臨節倒數

I want to thank all the wonderful people in our FaceBook group that not only gave me the idea but also their feedback which helped produce this final product to share with you all. If you want to join us, just click on this link and answer the questions when prompted. 

Below are some samples of how other parents are displaying these printables in their home! I was so touched when Betty shared with me that this is their first time reading Scripture in Chinese with her kids!

If you want to hear each day’s verse read outloud, be sure to follow me on my Chinese teaching Instagram account @spotofsunshineChinese. I record them a day early for those following from Asia.

from Betty of Chalk Academy
from @loveschoolathome Make sure to follow her to hear it read in Cantonese!
Chinese Advent reading plan Christmas 聖誕降臨 降臨節倒數
from Cindy Ou

It’s so easy for Christmas to be overrun with the stress of presents, getting Christmas cards out in time and traveling for the holidays. But I hope this printable helps you take a few minutes each day to prepare your family’s heart to receive the true gift of Christmas. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Betty 9 months ago

    Thank you so much for blessing us with this bilingual advent calendar and giving our family courage to try reading bible verses in both language! Grateful for your sharing!

    • sunnyhu7 9 months ago

      aw thank you Betty for cheering me on and for all your helpful tips you give so generously!


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