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Printables are made for you to print them on the type of paper of your choosing. All printables are intended for personal, non-commercial use.  I have spent precious time creating each printable for my daughter and student. I’m sharing them here in hopes of making learning Chinese and sharing Christ with your child less stressful and easy.

Although the printables are free, I kindly ask:

  1. Please do not share the password for this page.
  2. Do not claim my printables as your own material.
  3. Do not sell or use them commercially (eg, schools/education centers). If you are charging parents a fee for your service, please create and produce your own materials or pay for materials that others create and produce. You can contact me if you are going to use my printables in that context and would like to pay me. (
  4. Do not reproduce in any manner, form or shape on your website, blog, or elsewhere.
  5. If you share information on your website, social media or other platforms, please link it back to the main page,, or the specific post.  Please do not link the PDF or upload to other websites.

I hope you and your kids enjoy these printables! Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!

How Printables are Organized

The printables are listed by topic or title of the post in alphabetical order.

媽媽買綠豆/Mom Buy Mung Beans Plant Journal

Board Game

Chinese New Year


Song Lyrics


賀新年/Congratulations on the New Year


Chinese Christmas Vocab Ornaments/聖誕單字吊飾

Chinese Christmas Carol Lyrics/中文聖誕歌和歌詞

COVID-19 Faith Kit


Father’s Day

Garden Theme Activities

Mother’s Day



New Year

Year End Reflection & Goals for the New Year/年底回顧與新年新希望


Saint Patrick’s Day Chinese Storybook

Simple Chinese Christian Songs for Kids

Spring Craft: Window Art


Things Mommy Says


Valentine’s Day Cards

Christian Valentine’s Day Cards

Chinese Character Review Template

Chinese Character Review with Traditional Characters

Montessori Bead Stairs


Hi, I’m Sunny, busy 媽咪 + believer, wrangling our talkative & silly four year old. Thanks for stopping by! I share tid-bits of what I’ve learned and created while teaching my daughter Mandarin Chinese in hopes of simplifying your journey. Hope you find some sunshine here.

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