Lunar New Year Play & Learn Activity Pack



Ready to stop searching & get all you need to play, learn & celebrate LNY in just one download? Then get ready for this 36 page Lunar New Year play & learn activity pack!

Who is this for?

  • This is created for bilingual families with kids 3-8 years old that have already started learning Chinese
  • 36 pages of fun low prep activities to experience the culture, learn/review Chinese characters and have fun celebrating without the stress on you
  • Toddler friendly & fun for older siblings too so the whole family can join in!


What’s Inside?

  • 30+ pages of low prep activities to simplify LNY celebrations for you. Just print and set up items you most likely already have at home (paint, markers, washi tape etc)
  • LNY children’s book guide: know which books to prep this year and be ready earlier next year!
  • Activity bingo to keep track what you’ve already done also to help you know what things you can be doing with your kids. This also motivate kids to want to do more to experience Lunar New Year. When they see a guide to check off, they can’t resist!
  • Coloring pages: year of the rabbit, dragon mask and more!
  • Links to quality LNY resources in Mandarin so you don’t need to waste precious time Googling for the right ones
  • 2 delicious LNY recipes in Chinese & English that are kid friendly. Since food is central to Chinese culture, making these simple dishes will be sure to help your kids enjoy learning Chinese.
  • Fun LNY songs and lyrics for kids (traditional or simplified). Three different songs included with pinyin/zhuyin for beginning, intermediate and advanced learners. A song for everyone!
  • 3 red envelopes (including year of the rabbit ones) just print on red paper, decorate and cut! 
  • 14 LNY banners (including year of the rabbit ones), horizontal, vertical & square ones (versions for toddlers and older ones)
  • Paper cutting (one toddler friendly, the other for older kids)
  • Character writing practice sheets (traditional or simplified)


What are you waiting for? Download today to start the festivities & learning!


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