trusting my meager offerings as a mom into the hands of God

Allowing God to Multiply My Meager Mama Offerings

As a mama I am constantly confronted with my shortcomings. Whether it’s the lack of patience, knowledge, energy, money or experience, I can go on and on about my empty mama tank. But when I focus on those things, how meager my offerings are for my child, it’s easy for me to fall into the pit of self pity and…..pretty soon I’m wallowing in the ditch of resentment.

But this morning, while reading the story of the five loaves and two fishes in Jesus Storybook Bible to my daughter, God gently whispered. “give me the little that you have, and I will multiply it.

allowing God to multiply my meager mama offerings

I had a little “ah-ha” moment right then and there. God doesn’t want me to sit the puddle of my lack. He is waiting for me, inviting me….inviting all mamas to bring to Him the little that I have so He can perform a miracle in my home. He is not sitting far off on His throne waiting to watch me fall flat on my face. He ALREADY has something special planned. He wants, dare I say LOVES, to help me! (YEAH! Cause I need lots of help!)

Oftentimes I find myself just as Philip responded in that moment of lack, (most likely exasperated and a little annoyed at Jesus), “Even if we worked for months, we wouldn’t have enough money to feed them!” (John 6:7). In other words, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME GOD! I do not have enough money to feed 5,000 hungry people!

He’s not asking us to try harder, to look to ourselves to figure it out. He’s inviting us to trust Him.

But in those daily moments where we’re confronted with our lack, either financially (as Philip brings up here) or emotionally, Jesus already has a plan just as he did when he turned and asked Philip where they can buy enough bread to feed everyone (John 6:5).

God is not looking to us to fix the problem when He asks us those questions. He’s not asking us to try harder, to look to ourselves to figure it out. He’s inviting us to trust Him. But too often we end up looking to ourselves and feel the depths of our insufficiency that was intended to point us to God. Oftentimes the enemy twists this gift around to make us feel like failures.

Motherhood isn’t about me. It’s not about how well I can perform today

giving God our meager offerings as a mom
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God is inviting us in those moments to give Him our five loaves and two fishes so He can provide and feed 5,000 (or the screaming toddlers who won’t eat anything minutely healthy).

Just as Christianity isn’t about us, it’s about God and what He has completed on the Cross and the miracles He’s still performing daily, motherhood isn’t about me. It’s not about how well I can perform today. But I need to be reminded of this truth daily.

Have you had these moments lately? What happened? Where do you feel your lack the most?

How has God showed up when you brought before Him your meager offerings? Let Him come and multiply your offerings today sweet mama.

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