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Learn Numbers in Chinese


Help your toddler learn numbers in Chinese with this fun activity!

Sadie’s been getting more interested in counting with her fingers lately as so I thought I can come up with some activities to help her start recognizing Chinese characters for numbers. This is also a great way to help little ones make connections between a number and a quantity.

I came across these fun touch and feel counting cards by a Nadia, a super creative mom in South Africa and thought I would try to recreate it using Chinese numbers.

touch and feel counting cards
touch and feel counting cards from

The previous two activities I’ve tried to make to get Sadie interested in Chinese numbers were a flop. I thought that since she loves the color pink and she’s really into hearts, this would better capture her interest. 

learn numbers in Chinese kids


Time: About an hour (I wasn’t in a hurry, listening to a podcast as I made these)


  • old Amazon box (cut into 4″x7″ (10cmx18cm) rectangles
  • hot glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • pipe-cleaners I found at a thrift store (aka treasure trove for affordable crafting materials)
  • heart foam stickers I found at Walmart for $2 (Hobby Lobby, Oriental Trading Company or even the dollar store will have something similar. I suggest using something that your child would be interested in.)
learn numbers in Chinese kids

 I’m really glad I took the time to create this for her because we’ve gotten a lot of use out of them.

learn numbers in Chinese

Here’s another version of this activity from our_little_playroom. Instead of the foam hearts, she hot glued nuts for her little one to place pom poms on. Also, the way she placed the nuts is the recommended placement for Montessori math materials. I wasn’t aware of this at the time I created these and may try to change it in the future.

This is another fun hands on learning option to consider and try.  

Good luck! What counting activities have worked well for your kids? Please share below. Let me know if you try to make this too and don’t forget to tag us (@spotofsunshineChinese) so we can check it out! 

More Resources to Help You Have Fun Teaching Your Kids Chinese!

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