Sunday school Chinese

Sunday School Chinese/VBS Online 線上兒童主日學

Sunday school lessons in Chinese are more readily available online due to church closures during COVID19.

If you’re simply looking for ways to expose your children to Mandarin/Cantonese Sunday school lessons, here’s a list I put together for you.

Sunday school chinese

Not only is this a great resource for kids, it’s also a great resource for parents who are wanting to pick up some Chinese Christian terms.

江子翠行道會/Change Life Church Sunday School

Age Group: Preschool-Grade School

Denomination: Church of Christ

Language: Mandarin with traditional Chinese subtitles

This is our favorite Sunday school, the one my daughter (4.5 YO) mainly watched during COVID19 lockdown.

This church in Taiwan is part of the Church of Christ denomination.

I like the fact that these lessons are high quality and engaging for children.

The Sunday school begins with worship which includes some Stream of Praise songs with Chinese subtitles and other older children’s worship songs. Then the children’s ministers leads kids in a fun rap, declaring Biblical truths of who they are in Christ. Next they tell a Bible story with some acting and end with prayer.

For more Chinese worship songs check out these resources:

真光教會/True Light Church Sunday School (Mandarin)

Age Group: Grade School

Denomination: Non-denominational

Language: Mandarin with traditional Chinese, zhuyin and pinyin

This Sunday school’s worship includes Stream of Praise songs in addition to others with lyrics on the screen in traditional Chinese, zhuyin and some pinyin. The youth pastors/ministers share a short message and lead kids in prayer and verse memorization.

The fun thing about this Sunday School lesson is that they teach verse memorization through rap.

圣经工程/Bible Project – Mandarin Chinese

Age Group: Grade schoolers – adults

Language: Mandarin with simplified Chinese subtitles

The Bible Project is a ministry based in America that creates high quality cartoons teaching the books and themes of the Bible.

They have translated their resources into Chinese with simplified Chinese subtitles.

This is a great resource for families looking to do Bible studies in Chinese or parents who are looking to grow in teaching the Bible to their children in Chinese.

The great thing about YouTube is that you can slow down the speed of the video if they’re speaking too quickly.

611兒童教會崇拜/611 Bread of Life Hong Kong Sunday School

Age Group: Grade schoolers and up

Denomination: Non-denominational

Language: Mix of Mandarin + Cantonese

Fun engaging service with worship, games, Bible stories and prayer.

雙連教會/Taiwanese Presbyterian Church Sunday School

Age Group: Grade schoolers and up

Denomination: Presbyterian

Language: Mix of Mandarin + Taiwanese Hokkien

Their lessons tend to be longer and more appropriate for older kids. Worship uses some Stream of Praise songs.

More Helpful Chinese Christian Resources for Families

Don’t Do It Alone!

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