Chinese Easter Videos

5+ Chinese Easter Videos 復活節影片

Easter videos are a great way for both kids and parents to learn about the significance of the holiday and bolster their Chinese.

For parents unfamiliar with Christian terminologies associated with Easter, this would be a great way to broaden their vocabulary as well! This is a common request in our Christian Bilingual Parenting FaceBook group. If you haven’t joined yet, I hope you’ll join us today!

I found five quality Chinese Easter videos on YouTube. Information regarding each video such as the type of subtitles used, are included below each video. I also found one in Cantonese (see last video in the list)!

Easter videos for kids

復活節 -『什麼是愛』/Easter, “What is Love?”

This video created by Taipei Revival Church is my favorite Easter video. The voice over is done by kids from Taiwan and is told more slowly, which makes it easier to understand for kids. The main points of Easter are covered in an adorable way.

Subtitle: traditional Chinese.

Easter Story time with Sunny

A fun Easter story time series with Sunny the story teller. This is part one. There are two other parts to this wonderful series. Be sure to check out the other videos on her YouTube channel for other great Bible story times.

Subtitles: traditional Chinese

Superbook-He is Risen/超级妙妙书 – 他复活了

Great cartoon from Superbook on Easter. They also have one on Passover for those who like to celebrate Passover with their kids. For more great Superbook episodes and how to access them for free, check out my post on Superbook!

Subtitles: simplified Chinese

Easter-Children’s Bible App/复活节 – 儿童圣经软件

Short video on the story of Easter from the popular YouVersion children’s app, Bible App for Kids (available in multiple languages including. Mandarin or Cantonese). The narrator reads the story in a nice slow pace making it easier to understand for early learners.

Subtitles: No subtitles

Gospel of Luke 24/路加福音24

This video takes you through the story of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection that’s laid out in Luke 24. It’s part of a wonderful series created by the Bible Project which is available in multiple languages on YouTube. The video is more appropriate for advanced or fluent speakers that are grade schoolers and up. The language used to retell the story is more proper and what you would normally hear in a Mandarin speaking church.

Subtitles: no subtitles

上帝的故事: 復活節/God’s Story: Easter

A great cartoon telling the story of Easter from Crossroads kids. It goes through the story a little fast. For those with harder time understanding spoken Chinese it may be hard to catch everything the first time.

Subtitles: simplified Chinese

你不能不知道復活節的由來/You Can’t Not Know the Origin of Easter

The story is told in a Q&A style with some adorable kids. My daughter always like to watch other kids so I really like this one. The only down side is that sometimes it’s hard to hear what the kids are saying.

Subtitles: traditional Chinese.

復活節的由來:廣東話/Origin of Easter/Cantonese

Story of Easter told through a cartoon in Cantonese. For more Cantonese videos on Easter for kids, be sure to check out Cantonese for Families’ post.

Subtitle: traditional Chinese

一個特殊的復活節/A Very Special Easter

The story of Easter is told in English.

Subtitle: simplified Chinese

I hope these Easter videos help you share the power of Easter with your children. If you’re looking for a fun and easy Easter activity to do with your kids, be sure to check out my free Easter Holy Week printable! I’ve been going through them and sharing Chinese Christian terms on my Insta Story and FaceBook. I hope you’ll join us!

More Chinese Easter Resources

More Chinese Christian Resources

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  1. Thank you so much for putting together this helpful resource! I had no idea which videos were trustworthy when I attempted to search. Going to start watching them now!

    1. Thanks for the idea and for nudging me to do it 😛 Happy to help anytime. Keep the ideas coming 🙂

  2. Thanks so much! That first video is such a treasure. Can’t wait to show it to my kids tomorrow!

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