Chinese Mother's Day songs

5 Chinese Mother’s Day Songs & Printable Lyrics

Mother’s Day is coming up and what better way to learn Chinese and celebrate moms than by learning Mother’s Day songs?

Most of these songs I grew up with as a child but I also included some new ones. Even as a mom, when I listen to these songs and read the lyrics it touches my heart the depth of love that Chinese words can convey.

Chinese Mother's Day songs

The songs I included all vary in length and depth. I’ve been teaching 媽媽的眼睛 to my daughter and student (6 years old) since its lyrics are the most simple. 游子吟 or Song of the Wanderer is another short one. It’s an ancient poem that consists of four lines.

I also created lyrics for you to print out to help make it easier for both you and your kids to learn these songs together. The lyrics are available in traditional, simplified with or without pinyin. I also included English translations of the lyrics.

Learning Chinese songs about moms for Mother’s Day may be a fun activity to ask your tutor to do with your kids as well. This has been a fun way for my daughter and student to learn Chinese.

媽媽的眼睛/Mother’s Eyes

A traditional song about mother’s beautiful eyes with simplified lyrics and pinyin.


This new sweet song about moms is written by Hoop Kids 圈圈兒童. They produce many wonderful modern Chinese kids albums. Definitely a must have for kids learning Chinese.

母親您真偉大/Mom You are Great

Another classic Chinese Mother’s Day song about how great mothers are.

游子吟 Song of the Wanderer by:孟郊 Mèng Jiāo

This simple yet deep poem is written by the Tang Dynasty poet, Mèng Jiāo. In it, he speaks of his longing to be with his mother whom he misses dearly during his travels. Although it’s an ancient poem, it’s only four lines and easy to learn.

聽媽媽的話/Listen to Mom

Of course I had to included Jay Chou’s 聽媽媽的話. It’s such a cute song about the importance of listening to your mom. I didn’t include all the lyrics though but just the chorus in the printable lyrics. There’s simply way too much. 😛

天下的媽媽都是一樣的/All Mothers in the World are the Same

This one is really well known and popular when I was growing up in Taiwan. It’s a classic song celebrating moms that all native speakers will know.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope these songs help you and your kiddos celebrate the wonderful moms in your life!

What are your favorite Mother’s Day songs? Please share below! I’d love to hear from you.

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Thank you for stopping by! Happy Mother’s Day!

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