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The Best Chinese YouTube Channels for Kids Learning Mandarin

Chinese YouTube for kids is a great tool for bilingual families.

Not only are they free and readily available on your phone or smartTV, they’re also a great way to build up your own Mandarin vocabulary as a parent.

Chinese YouTube for kids

Below are the best out there to help immerse your child in Mandarin at home so you don’t have to waste time searching and trying them out on your own!

I also include direct links and recommended shows if there are a lot in the channel.

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Xiao Xing Xin 小行星

This channel is created by the popular children’s magazine with the same title. My daughter loves their magazine and that’s how we found their YouTube channel.

This is a great resource for younger kids and those starting school. Their videos cover many topics that are covered in preschool or kindergarten.

Their videos are a great tool to help you discuss the same themes at home and build up both you and your child’s vocabulary. This way, you can begin to talk about things they’re learning and interested in so English doesn’t start to take over in your home.

Chinese YouTube for Kids

Age: toddler to early school age

Content: Chinese holidays, science, arts and craft (drawing), traveling in Taiwan, stories and much more!

Little Fox Chinese YouTube for Kids

This is a great Chinese youtube for kids with content for beginning learners. This is a great resource for non-heritage learners as well as beginners.

They have a wide variety of videos from teaching beginning phrases to chants and pinyin. Phrases are clearly and slowly annunciated. Each video also has corresponding pinyin and Chinese characters.

Age: Preschool+

Content: useful phrases, pinyin, stories, songs geared towards beginning learners

Momo 親子台

Popular Taiwanese kid’s television channel uploads a lot of their content on YouTube.

There are so many shows to choose from! From stories, to Chinese idioms, songs, arts and crafts, yoga and even a show teaching kids how to do chores all in Mandarin!

Be sure to subscribe to them today!

Age: preschool+

Content: Stories, songs, arts & crafts, exercise videos, Chinese idioms and much much more!

Recommended Shows:

  • 寶貝看世界 Baby See the World (toddler-preschooler): learn about different animals
  • 一起來畫畫 Let’s Draw: one of our favorites. My daughter has learned how to draw many things through this show.
  • 家事小達人 Chores Expert. Learn how to do chores in Mandarin! Lots of useful terms to use at home

Mama Laoshi 媽媽老師

Created by a bilingual mom, Mama Laoshi is an adorable channel full of well-made videos with clearly annunciated dialogue between a mom and her daughter. Lots of great content to build up your family’s Mandarin!

Chinese YouTube for Kids

A great tool for prepping for school or building Mandarin vocabulary for all the things your kids will be learning at school.

Age: toddler+

Content: science experiments, excursions and other everyday interactions, lots of useful phrases

3 Mandarin Chinese Version of Ms. Rachel

I know many of you love Ms. Rachel and wish there’s a Mandarin Chinese version out there to support your child learning the language. Here are three for you to try.

悦儿姐姐 Yueer Jiejie

米宝星 Mibao Star

Learn Mandarin Chinese with AliMiMi

Xiao Panda Preschool

This Chinese youtube for kids is run by Susie, a bilingual preschool teacher. She runs her own preschool and teaches her students and five kids Chinese!

She uploads great content geared towards preschoolers learning Mandarin.

Age: Preschool

Content: story time, useful phrases kids would learn in preschool

Mango TV Chinese YouTube for Kids

A popular Chinese TV channel has some great live action shows for kids.

This is the same channel that produced the well known 爸爸去哪兒/Dad Where Are We Going?

Great resource if you’re looking for a Chinese youtube for kids with quality live action content the whole family can enjoy together.

Recommended Shows:

Official Chinese YouTube Channels of Popular English Cartoons

There are quite a few so instead of posting them one by one, I share the most popular ones right here. Playing Mandarin version of cartoons your child likes is a wonderful and easy way to begin to build up or introduce the language.

Since they’re already familiar and enjoy the show, it will help them build their comprehension.


Ever child’s favorite show is now available on YouTube in Chinese!

Blippi Chinese YouTube for Kids

The Octonauts 海底小纵队

The Octonauts Chinese show for Kids

Peppa Pig 小猪佩奇

Peppa pig Chinese show for Kids

PJ Mask 睡衣小英雄

PJ Mask Chinese for Kids

Chinese Anime 华语动漫

For those with older kids who are into anime, here’s a great Chinese YouTube for kids to explore!

Chinese anime for Kids

Age: grade school+

Content: cartoons and anime from China

More Great Chinese Shows for Kids

More Helpful Chinese Learning Resources

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