Chinese podcasts for kids parents moms

Chinese Podcasts for Parents & Kids

Chinese Podcasts are an easy way to create a quality immersion environment at home to improve both you and your children’s Chinese.

With Chinese podcasts, both you and your kids can pick up Chinese without much effort from you! #winning!

You can play it anywhere and listen to it while you do the dishes. You can even slow down the speed to help with comprehension. 

It’s a great form of educational entertainment for kids. Best of all, it’s FREE!

Chinese podcasts for kids and parents moms

Below is how to use Chinese podcasts to your advantages and a list of the ones I’ve found for both parents and kids.

How to Use Chinese Podcasts to Optimize Language Input!

  • While Kids Play: You’ll be surprised how much children LOVE listening to audiobooks and stories. I truly wished I started this sooner. Once I began playing it for my daughter, she loved it so much. Kids can draw, play with toys, put together puzzles and be picking up Chinese at the same time without much effort from you!
  • During Quiet Times: You probably need a break and there’s no better way to get a break than knowing your child is being exposed to something educational while you rest. During my daughter’s one hour quiet time in the afternoon, she listens to stories in her room and plays with her toys.
  • In the Car: Want to focus on driving and not hear your kids ask you for the billionth time, “when will we get there?” Then play some Chinese podcasts that tells stories! My daughter loves listening to stories in the car and asks for them all the time.
  • At the Grocery Store/While You Run Errands: Keep your kids entertained and learning Chinese while you grocery shop. My daughter enjoys listening to stories while I grocery shop.
  • Before Bed: Listening to stories is a great way to help kids calm down and relax before bedtime.
  • When You Travel: playing audio books before bed is now my daughter’s routine. Having this available while we travel not only entertains her on flights, car rides and on public transportation, but it’s also been a great way for us to keep some routine while we travel.

Chinese Podcasts for Kids

Click on title or image to be taken to the podcast site


I love this great podcast hosted by Grace Wong of Speech Therapy Mom and her friend. This podcast is ideal for young and early learners. They read Chinese translation of popular English children’s books like “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “Little Blue Truck.” These books are simple and easier to understand. Give them a try!


Amanda aka Miss Panda Chinese is an experienced Chinese teacher. Her short podcasts are created especially for young beginning Chinese learners.


Geared toward kids of Chinese descent/those learning Chinese who live overseas. It’s a great interactive podcasts for children. The host is a Taiwanese Mandarin teacher who currently resides in Japan. She speaks slowly and enunciates her words really well. She also asks kids questions and shares their answers in the podcasts. It’s a great way to motivate children to speak Chinese and share their personal experiences.


Quality entertaining Mandarin story podcast for kids


Uncle Wei provides quality story recordings, making stories interesting with realistic sound effects and music. It used to be one of my daughter’s favorite.


Made for native speaking children, it’s a great STEM podcast for kids who are interested in science and technology.


This Chinese podcast for kids cover current events in an age appropriate way. Great way to pick up relevant new vocabulary. 


Great way to for kids to learn about current events in Mandarin Chinese.


Learn about famous historical figures who changed the world.


Quality STEM and story podcast for kids who are interested in math, science and tech.

Chinese Podcasts for Parents

Great podcasts to help you improve your Chinese while listening to topics that are relatable and/or entertaining.

Click on title or image to be taken to the podcast site

Parenting expert V媽 answers parenting questions. I love how soothing and encouraging she is. She focuses on gentle/positive parenting methods. Great for picking up Chinese parenting phrases. So glad I found her! She’s super popular on FB, has about 30K followers. I can totally see why.

Created by a popular parenting magazine from Taiwan, their podcast was recently added to American podcast platforms. Lots of interesting & quality interviews centered on parenting and kids.

Mama Lili who is an occupational therapist along with her friend Michelle talk about all things parenting. Entertaining, relatable short episodes. This is my current favorite.

Two dads talking about “dad stuff.” From reviewing products to talking about the day to day #dadlife, this would be a great podcast for the bilingual dads out there.

Hope you and your kids enjoy these podcasts. I’m sure as you take time to listen to them, your Chinese will improve!

Be sure to share this post with other parents so they know about them. Chinese podcasts are difficult to search for.

If you come across more Chinese podcasts for parents or kids that you love, please let me know so I can keep adding new ones!

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  1. As always, thank you so much for this round up, Sunny! Do you have any particular episodes you would recommend to get into the one by V媽? Thanks so much!

    1. Not really actually, I’ve been encouraged by hearing how she talks to her kids and the advice she gives to parents.

  2. Do you have any recommendations for Christian podcasts in Chinese? Particularly for women, but not geared specifically for parenting. Would love to introduce some good podcasts to the women at my church here in Taiwan!

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