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Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Moms Teaching Their Kids Chinese & AAPI Moms

Mother’s Day gift guide to help your significant other and kids know what to get you this Mother’s Day because we all know they need a little help when it comes to giving us gifts. Am I right or am I right?

I’ve curated some of the cutest, useful gifts that will make AAPI and moms raising Chinese bilingual kids feel extra special this Mother’s Day. So all you need to do is send this link to your family!

Mother's day gift guide

Keep reading for the full list and links to each gift to make it super easy for your family to gift. Click on the image or title of each item for the product.

This post contains affiliate links. I only recommend products I myself would want for Mother’s Day. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a commission. Thanks!

Mother’s Day Gift: Chinese Children’s Books Celebrating Moms

For moms raising their kids bilingual in Chinese, gifting mom with a book celebrating her in the target language would be truly meaningful. Better yet, read it together to her!

Below are some great Chinese children’s books for Mother’s day!

最喜歡媽媽了/I Like Mom the Best

Mother's Day gift

媽媽生我好辛苦/Mom Works So Hard

Mama’s Home in Taiwan 媽媽的家在台灣

An adorable book to celebrate mom’s homeland.

我的媽媽/My Mom

A sweet enduring book about the seasons of life we go through with our mothers.

Mother's Day gift

Mother’s Day Gift: Apparel

Mochi Kids Sweats

A great mother’s day gift would be some cute and comfy sweats to wrangle the kids in. I personally LOVE Mochi Kid’s adorable designs. Cause what can be better than being comfortable in the cutest sweats with food or drink you love?

Mother's Day gift


mochi kids boba sweatshirt

Another brand that sells cute sweatshirts with Asian foods perfect for Mother’s Day include Ni De Mama.

Mother’s Day Gift Comfy Cute Slippers

I love a good pair of slippers. For moms who work from home or are stay at home moms, these would be a great gift.

Choose from her Asian cartoon character like Luna from Sailor Moon.

Mother's Day gift


from Glopastel

Or her favorite drink

Mother's Day gift


from Glopastel

Mother’s Day Gift: Cards

I love getting personalized cards as a gift on Mother’s Day especially when the cards are extra cute. Moms want to know we’re appreciated for all our hard work and nothing makes us feel more celebrated than handwritten notes from our family.

Below are some super cute ones to make every mom feel special.

Paper and Rice Co.

Paper and rice co has some of the cutest Asian specific Mother’s Day cards I’ve seen! I love how Vivian celebrates and embraces the Asian culture with her designs.

Be sure to check out her cards for other occasions too!

Mother's Day card


Paper & Rice Co

The Grey Palette

This designer also has an adorable card for Mother’s Day as well.

Mother's Day gift


The Grey Palette

Hoo Hoo and Mouse

How adorable are these phunny Mother’s Day cards that comes with a magnet from Hoo Hoo & Mouse? I think I need one of these!

Mother's Day gift


HooHoo & Mouse

Mother’s Day Gift to Pamper Mom the Asian Way

I love to be pampered but have a hard time making time to do it.

Most times, as moms, not only do we need to make the appointment, we need to find a babysitter and make sure the sitter has everything they need.

The whole process makes some of us moms not even want to go through it. So gifting her something to help her feel pampered would be extra thoughtful.

Reflexology Massage

I think every mom needs a massage and oftentimes it’s hard to get away to get one done.

Get her a gift card for a proper Chinese acupressure massage. Not one of those wimpy western ones, but the ones that “hurt so good.” You know what I’m talking about hahha.

To find one, just look up reflexology massage on Google maps.

But if she likes a western spa massage, set one up for her. Remember to watch the kids or set up a babysitter for her too so she doesn’t have to do it yourself.

Mother's Day gift for Asian moms

Gua Sha Tool with Red Light

I’ve recently heard about the benefits of red light therapy for skin and we all know how the ancient practice of guasha helps with circulation.

Giving moms something she can pamper herself daily to massage her face and tired muscles after a long day will bless her so so much!

Mother's Day gift


Youth Lab

Chinese Herbs Foot Bath

During my postpartum center stay in Taiwan, every other night they would give me an herbal pack to be used as a foot bath or to bath myself in.

After each foot bath, I would feel so amazingly relaxed and rejuvenated.

You need to soak each packet in boiling hot water for 10 minutes beforehand. At the postpartum center they provided these huge coolers for soaking the herbal packs and for the foot soak.

These packets are full of Chinese herbs to help with circulation, improving qi and bring more heat to the body especially in the winter time.

This would be a great way to pamper mom with Ancient Chinese wisdom. Don’t forget an easy packable foot soak bucket.

Mother's Day gift


from QianYiDa

Mother’s Day Gift: Accessories

Xiexie Canvas bag from Ni De Mama

What better way to say thank you to mom than with a bag that says it in Chinese?

Mother's Day gift


Ni De Mama Canvas Bag

Sushi Roll Blanket

Keep mom warm and cozy with her favorite food!

Mother's Day gift


MBM by Jeanne

Cute Asian Food Pins

Great for decorating mom’s favorite bag.

This site also has a really cute rice cooker one.

Mother's Day gift


A Jar of Pickles

Mahjong Tiles Celebrating Mom

For the mahjong loving moms, here are some mahjong tiles celebrating mom!

Mother's Day gift



Personalized Gifts for Mother’s Day

Chain Necklace with Chinese Names

I love how there are more personalized jewelry options on Etsy now like this heart chain necklace. Personalize it with the names of your kids!

Mother's Day gift

Personalized Mugs with Mommy’s Little Dumplings

I love this! Keep mom caffeinated with this adorable little mug with all of mommy’s little dumpling names!

Mother's Day gift


Little Asian Design

Mother’s Day Gift: Food

We all know how much Asians looooooove food! What better way to celebrate mom than with food related gift. Besides taking her out to her favorite restaurant, here are some extras to make her feel celebrated.

Snack Box

Send Thinks has snack box dedicated to each country in Asia! Help mommy satisfy her cravings for the yummy snacks from her homeland or favorite Asian country!

Mother's Day gift


image from Send Thinks

Bokksu snack box is another great option. There are also asian snack boxes available on Amazon Prime if you’re looking for something more accessible.

Cake From An Asian Bakery

For moms with a sweet tooth, don’t forget to pick up a special cake from your local Asian bakery. My personal favorites are matcha, mango and taro.


image from Tous Les Jours

Hope these idea help you celebrate that special mom in your life in a meaningful way. We all do so much for our kids and family, it’s nice when our kids and spouse take time to let us know what we mean to them. And if you’re a mom yourself, be sure to send a link to this post to your family so they know what to get you!

Happy Mother’s Day! 母親節快樂 母亲节快乐 Mǔqīn jié kuàilè


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