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Free Chinese Hobby & Craft Videos for Kids

Learning a hobby and doing crafts in Chinese is a great way to not only help kids develop important life skills and but also increase their interest in the language.

In my experience as a teacher of a second language, applying a child’s interests such as a hobby to help them enjoy learning Chinese is so important. It helps them cultivate a life long love of the language rather than seeing it as another responsibility.

These free Chinese hobby and craft lessons are great for tutors and nannies who are looking for lesson ideas. These are also helpful for both kids and parents alike who want to expand their vocabulary skills specific to a specific hobby or craft.

Hobby: Benefits for Kids

Learning a hobby is not only helpful for a child’s emotions, it’s also a great way to help them grow in important life skills like patience, discipline and creativity. Hobbies can also help kids express themselves and develop self-esteem.

Below are some super fun free lessons on hobbies and crafts for kids!

8 Free Chinese Hobby & Craft Videos

Cooking: Happy Kitchen 快樂小廚房

This wonderful series teaches kids easy recipes in Chinese. The hosts take kids shopping in a traditional market for the ingredients, give age appropriate instructions for the recipe and even teach about the ingredients used in the recipe.

This show is a great way for parents to learn how to include children in the kitchen, some child friendly kitchen utensils and pick up useful phrases for the kitchen.

Click on the linked title above or below to get access to the entire playlist of this specific show.

Here are some wonderful child friendly kitchen utensils:

Origami: 一起玩摺紙

My daughter and I enjoy this series very much! You can pick up so many useful Chinese terms about origami including shapes and different types of folds.

The hosts teaches simple origami that are doable for kids. They first demonstrate slowly how to create the project at hand. Later on the steps are repeated several times to give kids time to really learn how to do it. This would be great for any Chinese learner interested in origami. There are many projects to choose from.

If you need some origami paper, here are some great ones! I prefer paper that has a different color or white on the backside so I can easily distinguish between the folds.

Click on the linked title above or below to get access to the entire playlist of this specific show.


I don’t know about your kids but my daughter asks me to draw certain things for her a lot. So instead of doing it for her, I thought it would be fun for her to learn how to draw it herself.

The hosts first demonstrates how to draw a certain item, then draws with the kids in the show, demonstrating several times.

I found the pace they taught very fitting for kids. Sometimes I did need to pause it to give my daughter enough time to see what’s being drawn or to catch up.

This is super fun for the artsy kids in your family!

Click on the linked title above or below to get access to the entire playlist of this specific show.

We use either the boogie board or Melissa & Doug white board to draw to decrease the amount of paper used in our home. This is our favorite washable dry erase markers:


This sewing show is more appropriate for older kids who are interested in sewing. The hosts teach kids how to sew fun useful items like a pencil case, lunch bag and key ring. Each episode teaches two sewing projects.

This would be so fun for kids interested in sewing.

Here are some wonderful sewing kits to get kids started:

Let’s Weave/一起玩編織 

This wonderful series teaches kids how to create simple weaving projects. It’s more suitable for grade school kids.

Paper Crafts/一起來剪紙

If you have a little crafter at home and wondered how to say hole puncher and other craft items in Chinese, this is the show for you! This fun show teaches kids how to create simple and interesting crafts.

I would recommend this show for kids a bit older, maybe five years old or more. Of course, you know your own child’s abilities best.

Some kid friendly craft supplies:

Play dough/黏土派對

For kids who love play dough and would like to create some new shapes in Chinese, this is a great show! I love how they teach kids how to use simply household items to create different textures and shapes with play dough.

Each show teaches kids how to create three things with play dough.

This show is appropriate for preschool and up kids.

Some of our favorite play dough supplies:


For kids who enjoy dancing, these short 5-6 minutes videos help teach kids simple dance steps. Keep in mind these are very cutesy Asian children dance steps.

Arts & Crafts/剪刀石頭布

This engaging show teaches kids how to create fun and interesting things. From miniature Asian barbecue pit to cloth face masks and bags there are lots to choose from. A wide variety of different mediums and supplies are used in these shows.

This show is more suitable for older kids or kids who have some experience with crafting.

I hope these resources will help engage your kiddos and cultivate a life long love of Mandarin Chinese. If you have other hobby or craft lessons you and your kids like, please share below! Happy learning!

Recycled Crafts/紙箱做玩具

Learn how to create fun toys with cardboard boxes and other recycled items you have laying around the house! An environmentally friendly way to learn Chinese!

This show is more suitable for older kids (kindergarten and up) and need some assistance from adults especially with cutting the cardboard. Each episode teaches kids two recycle crafts.

Some supplies needed to make these creations:

Magic School/魔法小學堂

Learn some cool magic tricks while learning Chinese. This show is more suitable for grade schoolers.

Stream of Praise Music Classroom/讚美之泉音樂教室

For kids that are learning some band instruments like keys, bass, electric or drums, this is a great video series for them to pick up how to play in a band. This is more suitable for kids who have some music background already.

More Chinese Shows for Kids

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