Chinese Christmas carol 中文聖誕歌

Chinese Christmas Songs, Playlists & Lyrics / 中文聖誕歌和歌詞

I love Christmas songs. I’m usually that annoying person that plays Christmas music starting in November (#sorrynotsorry 😜) .

Besides reading Chinese Christmas storybooks, making ornaments , watching Chinese Christmas movies and celebrating Advent in Chinese, we love to learn Christmas songs in Chinese.

Learning a language through songs makes the process not only fun for kids, but also helps them retain useful words and phrases. Just think of a Christmas song you can’t get out of your mind. Even just playing the music in the background or in the car, your kids will start picking up useful Chinese phrases.

When I started trying to find Chinese Christmas song I had the hardest time! The ones I did find from BabyBus, Pink Fong/碰碰狐 and Little Fox had lyrics that sounded different from the traditional ones I remember from childhood, not to mention, let’s just be honest for a minute, they are kinda annoying.

Chinese Christmas songs 中文聖誕歌

Therefore I set out to put together Chinese Christmas carols playlist via YouTube & Spotify along with printable lyrics for you and your kids to celebrate this wonderful holiday together in Chinese!

I also include information and links to Chinese Christmas albums below if you would prefer to listen the albums on different platforms or to purchase them.

The printable lyrics are available in traditional, simplified with and without pinyin and zhuyin.

Be sure to check out my post on simple Chinese Christian songs for kids + lyrics if you’re looking for more Chinese Christian songs! 

Chinese Christmas Songs Playlists

This is a YouTube playlist I compiled of Chinese Christmas songs. These are mainly classic ones and some renditions from Chinese Christian bands. 

For Spotify users, here’s the playlist for your listening pleasures. 

Chinese Christmas songs 中文聖誕歌

Recommended Chinese Christmas Songs Albums

If you prefer to purchase the actual album, or if you use other music streaming platforms, here are a few I recommend. They’re all included in both of the playlists I compiled:

Hymn Squad: Mega Christmas/聖歌特讚隊:特讚聖誕/Shèng gē tè zàn duì: Tè zàn shèngdàn

Chinese Christmas songs 中文聖誕歌

This album is put together by a Christian music ministry in Taiwan called OmniPro/歐讚音樂/Ōu zàn yīnyuè. They cover many classic Christmas carols in the album but with a more updated feel. Some songs include some rap in Chinese. There are also three songs in Taiwanese/台語/Tái yǔ which is a language near and dear to my heart (both sets of my grandparents spoke Taiwanese. My great grandmother only spoke Taiwanese). There are also four instrumental versions of their songs for your karaoke 🎤pleasure. 

O Holy Night by Lamb Music/聖善夜:小羊詩歌/shèng shàn yè:xiǎo yáng shīgē

Chinese Christmas songs 中文聖誕歌

 Lamb music is a Christian music ministry based in San Diego California that produces contemporary Chinese Christian music in Mandarin, Taiwanese and Cantonese.

Their Christmas album has 5 songs in Chinese including three classics O Holy Night and What Child is This and Hallelujah Chorus. One song is written by the band. 

Sinosplice Free Christmas Album

Chinese Christmas songs 中文聖誕歌

Gina, another parent raising her child bilingual shared this album with me in the comments below. It has classic Christmas songs in Chinese along with lyrics (simplified + pinyin) you can download from Sinosplice all for free

Access Chinese Christmas Songs Lyrics

I put together lyrics for three Christmas carols, Jingle Bells, Silent Night, We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Stream of Praise’s Most Precious Gift. Both songs are in the two playlists I put together.

If there are other songs you would like for me to add, please leave a message below. 

To access the lyrics, register below if you haven’t yet. After confirming your email, you’ll receive a password to access the printables. 

If you’ve already registered, just go to my printables page and enter the password.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you have a very blessed Christmas with you and your family, filled with the love Christ came to bring into this world. 

If you have other Chinese Christmas carol recommendations, please share with me below!


More Chinese Christmas Goodies

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Hi, I’m Sunny, busy 媽咪 + believer, wrangling our talkative & silly five year old. Thanks for stopping by! I use my background as a language teacher and experience teaching my daughter & students to simplify your journey! Thanks for letting me bring some sunshine into your bilingual parenting!

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